On the Police Logs 06.29.17


Sometime between June 18 and June 21, a beehive on Amber Waves Farm property was pushed over and badly damaged. Police were called to the farm to investigate, and recorded the incident as criminal mischief.


East Hampton Village

A 59-year-old Manhattan man and his 35-year-old girlfriend, also of Manhattan, told police they had begun arguing over dinner at a Bridgehampton restaurant Saturday night and that the argument had intensified as he drove east. His girlfriend scratched his face, he said, and he pulled her hair “several times.” He had pulled onto the eastbound shoulder of Montauk Highway opposite the Exxon station and crossed the road, but their fight continued, with the woman calling a taxi. A cabbie was quickly on the scene, but refused the fare when he realized the male half of the couple was calling police. Neither wanted to press charges and both agreed to go their separate ways.

A Horseshoe Drive North woman told police that another woman began yelling at her when she walked into Rowdy Hall, a restaurant off Main Street, on June 19. She ignored her and went to the bar, she said. But the woman who had been yelling then walked over and grabbed her by the wrists, apparently trying to force her to leave. Restaurant employees stepped in and ended the altercation. The victim said she did not want to press charges, but wanted police to be aware that it had been an ongoing problem over the last year when she went to Rowdy Hall. Police spoke to the aggressor, who promised she wouldn’t do it again.

A large snapping turtle halted traffic and brought an officer to Ocean Avenue on the evening of June 21. By the time the officer arrived, the large reptile had made it across the road

A 2-year-old “was unharmed and in good spirits” after being freed from a bathroom in a house on Huntting Lane. She had managed to lock herself inside it with a dead bolt. The homeowner gave the officer permission to break into the bathroom, which caused damage to the door and frame.


An officer on patrol on the morning of June 21 noticed pieces of white porcelain on the ground at the parking lot at the end of South Lake Drive. Going into the restroom to investigate, she found that a urinal and a mirror had been smashed, and the toilet paper, soap, and towel dispensers had all been destroyed. It will cost the Town of East Hampton over $400 to replace them.

Anthony Scaffedi went clamming off the beach access on Old West Lake Drive on the afternoon of June 13. He told police that when he returned to his 2004 Ford pickup, he found an egg smashed on the driver’s-side window. No other damage was done.

Colleen Kundrat of Rocky Point called police to the Royal Atlantic Hotel on the night of June 18. She said she had taken a nap and that when she awoke discovered that her 100-gallon Coleman cooler, filled with ice and beverages, had vanished from the deck outside her room. She said it would cost $150 to replace it.

Police went to Kettle Hole Road after being called a little after midnight Saturday. Telka Eickelbeck said someone was walking around her house with a flashlight and then entered the house through a front sliding door. Further details were withheld from the incident report, although it was noted that by the time officers arrived the apparent intruder was gone.

Darcee Wandzilack and a police officer walked through a house on Duryea Avenue after she found a door there had been pried open at some point between May 27 and June 17. Apparently nothing was missing.

Sag Harbor

A patrolman came upon a hose draining water from a swimming pool at 20 Light House Lane into a storm sewer and contacted code enforcement officials.

Nicholas Pupo, a harbormaster, called police on Sunday afternoon. He had spotted several beach fires and fishing activity under the Sag Harbor-North Haven bridge.  Southampton Town police were notified because the activities were on the North Haven side of the water.


An apartment at 514 Three Mile Harbor-Hog Creek Road was burglarized on Friday, apparently during the day. Eduardo Jorge Saldana told police that when he returned home after being out for the day, he found a bureau drawer open and the contents tossed around. He reported that $1,000 in cash and his son’s passport were missing.

Police investigated a report of trespassers on a Winding Way property on the evening of June 9, but if there had been unwelcome guests there, they had gone before police arrived.


Police went to Rumrunner Home where they spoke with Ellen McDonald. She reported that she had placed an order with a company called Jewels of Java, and had sent a $15,000 deposit. The items she ordered were supposed to have been delivered in March or April. When she called the company, there never was an answer, and the voice mailbox was full. Her emails went unanswered, as well. Police were able to contact the police in Java, who went to the building where Jewels of Java is based. The owner of the company, Karel Simeon, was told to contact Ms. McDonald immediately. The incident report indicates that local police plan to stay apprised of developments.