On the Police Logs 06.22.17


An electrical contractor, Davis Zeledon, called police on June 11 to report the theft of over 500 feet of copper wiring from a work site on Oceanview Lane, stolen sometime in May. Worse yet, the thief cut open a 400-amp meter pan to get at some more wiring, damaging it beyond repair. The wiring was valued at almost $1,700, the meter $1,200.

East Hampton

An Oakview Highway mobile home resident called police on the evening of June 8 after finding a window of her 2011 Hyundai smashed. Patricia Schell said it had happened that afternoon, while she was away. She said repairs would run $260.

East Hampton Village

A manager at Island Group Administration on Toilsome Lane phoned police on June 13 to say that garbage and about 20 used condoms had been left behind a garage near the train tracks there. Police promised additional patrols of the area during the evening and night shifts.

Officers issued four summonses last Thursday to landscaping trucks and private vehicles parked blocking traffic on Meadow Way near Toilsome Lane.

A 911 caller reported loud music coming from near 18 Buell Lane last Thursday at about 11:15 p.m. An officer was able to locate the source of the disturbance and convince the person responsible to lower the volume.

Four bags of household garbage ended up in the Hampton Bagels Dumpster on Saturday, a worker there told police. The person responsible for dumping the bags was tracked down from items found among the trash, and said he would return to pick them up.

Samuel L. Francisco of Riverhead was cited for mowing a lawn at 6 Woods Lane on Saturday just after 7 a.m., in violation of village law.


A Surf Lodge employee who parks his car on a grass triangle opposite B and B Auto Repair while he is at work told police June 3 that the hood of his 2014 Jeep had been scratched while he was working that night. The officer who responded reported that Otis Riddick’s car appeared to be the only one parked there that had been vandalized. Mr. Riddick estimated repairs at $575.

Mark Remmes, the owner of the Point Bar and Grill, flagged down an officer early Monday morning after a violent incident inside the establishment. Police found Luke Daniel Joyce of Woodside, Queens, seated on a bench outside. He told police he had been struck on the head with a bottle. Much of the report was blacked out. Police were unable to find the assailant, who was identified only as Marco. Mr. Joyce was taken to Southampton Hospital where he was treated and released.

Sag Harbor

Police responded Sunday afternoon to a report of rabbits on Milton Avenue, creating a hazardous condition. Police investigated, and determined that there was no hazard to the public.

Jasper Creeghan of Palmer Terrace reported a possible prowler on the loose  Saturday night, saying he had heard a car door slam, after which a motion light was activated. An officer checked the grounds, but found no one.