On the Police Logs 04.27.17

East Hampton

An Oakview Highway trailer park resident came home Friday after being out all day to discover that two propane tanks had been removed from the property. Police, concluding that the removal of the tanks had been done by a professional, reached out to local propane distributors to see if one of them had removed the tanks by mistake. The loss to Hilda Chasi-Deleg is $550. There were no witnesses, and the case has been classified as grand larceny.

East Hampton Village

Police were called to Main Beach around noon on April 17. The caller was concerned that there was an injured seal on the beach. After the officer arrived, the seal returned to the water, apparently no worse for wear.

A general contractor working at a Georgica Close residence called police that same day after finding debris — boxes and furniture — from a different address inside the 10-yard Dumpster he was using. Police went to an address on the boxes and left a phone message for the owner. A woman called back and admitted that her husband had dumped the boxes, but not the furniture. Police suggested the two sides work out their differences as a civil matter.

A Walaska, Ga., man learned an expensive lesson on April 17. Robert Frongillo was seated in a 2010 Honda in front of Starbucks when he tossed a cigarette out the window, police said. An officer spotted it, and wrote him up. The fine for littering in the village is $150 if paid within 15 days of the incident, twice that if paid later.

Sag Harbor

Nicholas Depetris of Hampton Street was carrying items from his car to his house on April 18, including two child seats, which he left on the lawn. He then went inside for a couple of hours, he told police. When he came back out, the seats were gone.


A metal fence outside an Atwell Street address was vandalized at some point between Jan. 4 and April 18, when Vito D’Andrea reported the damage. An officer reported that someone had bent the fence, damaging it beyond repair.


Money left overnight in two vehicles parked in front of a Hedges Lane residence was stolen. On April 15, Christopher McErlean told police he had left $286 in the glove box of a 2014 Chevrolet Silverado pickup the night before. His grandfather, Ronald Fick, told police he was out $500 after leaving cash in the center console of a Chevrolet S-10. It appears from the report that the trucks had been left unlocked.