Say She Stole Motel Blanket

A Montauk woman accused of stealing a blanket from a motel in the hamlet was charged with two misdemeanors on March 13.

According to East Hampton Town police, Samantha C. Van Nostrand took a blue blanket from room 1 at the Sail Inn on West Lake Drive “by secreting said item on her person” shortly after noon, and left the building. She was questioned at her home about an hour later, and allegedly admitted taking the blanket.

Charged with petty larceny and possession of stolen property, she was taken to headquarters and released with an appearance ticket. She will be arraigned next Thursday.

East Hampton Village police picked up Paul Zambutto Jr. Saturday morning on a warrant issued by Justice Steven Tekulsky, citing failure to pay court fees following his conviction for petty larceny in 2014. Mr. Zambutto, who lives in Shirley but works in construction in East Hampton, had shoplifted some items from Riverhead Building Supply and was sentenced to a fine or 60 days in jail, which he served.

Because he did jail time, Justice Tekulsky did not fine him. However, a mandatory surcharge of $205 was never paid. “When I heard I was going to see you, I was, whoa, he’s going to slam me,” Mr. Zambutto told the justice as he apologized for not paying the surcharge.

Justice Tekulsky changed the surcharge to a judgment against Mr. Zambutto, which will allow him more time to pay. However, the court warned, Mr. Zambutto will find it more difficult to obtain credit or take out loans until the amount is paid.