On the Police Logs 03.30.17

East Hampton Village

Police visited a garage sale on Buckskill Road Saturday morning, telling the woman running it that there had been a complaint. The woman said she had not known that a permit from Village Hall was needed. Police issued her a warning.

For several hours on Saturday, police went about the village checking outsized lawn signs. Officers visited properties on Dayton Lane, Carriage Lane, and two on Georgica Road, all of which had contractors’ signs exceeding the limit on their front lawns. In two cases, the contractor was present and rectified the situation. In the other two, no one was there, and the signs were confiscated and warnings issued. Police followed the same procedure at a Baiting Hollow Road property, where they found an oversized “For Sale by Owner” sign. Finding no one home, they took it away. It was returned to the owner after a warning.


An S-shaped wrought iron bench weighing about 75 pounds disappeared from the front lawn of a Robert Foster’s Fairview Avenue residence sometime between March 15 and March 18. Mr. Foster estimated the value of the decorative bench at $250.

A 2006 Ford Econoline work van belonging to a Montauk man disappeared on Saturday evening, only to turn up abandoned and inoperable at 4 a.m. Sunday in the middle of Gannet Drive. The van was apparently ditched after it stopped running, though not before it struck a tree and a mailbox. Police are looking at the incident as either grand larceny or “unauthorized use of vehicle” — taking a vehicle without permission in order to get somewhere, but without intending to steal it. Several such incidents are reported in Montauk every year.


For the second time in recent months, a Richardson Avenue residence has been the target of vandals. In early February, rock-throwers smashed a window on Andres Pichazaca’s house. Then, overnight on Saturday, another rock was tossed at the rear window of his 2001 Jeep Cherokee, shattering it. The incidents are under continuing investigation, and anyone with information has been asked to call 631-537-7575. All calls are kept confidential.