On the Police Logs 02.16.17


Police are investigating two reports of vandalism in Montauk earlier this month. A South Fox Street woman, Magdalena Sanchez, told police Saturday that during the night of Feb. 2 her mailbox was ripped out of the ground and thrown across the street, and that obscenities appeared on her property. Another woman, Aida Sanchez of South Emerson Avenue, told police she had filled the gas tank on her Chevrolet Suburban on Feb. 6 or 7, but found the needle on empty when she went to drive the car on Friday. A mechanic looked at the vehicle for her and said the fuel system was blocked. Apparently sugar had been poured into it. The mechanic estimated it would cost $700 to repair. 

Sag Harbor

The contractor at a Bay Street construction site called police on Feb. 8 after discovering that for the second time since mid-December numerous expensive power tools had been stolen. Sean Mott said the first theft occurred on Dec. 16, but that he did not report it. However, he called police when he discovered the second theft. A partial list of the pilfered items includes two Festool track saws, valued at a combined $2,650, a level worth $540, a laser that costs $640, a drill set worth $340, a framing nailer that sells for $375, three finishing nailers­ worth a combined $400, and numerous other tools. The total loss was reported as over $5,000, which makes it a theft grand larceny.

Another case of grand larceny was reported on Feb. 8. Lee Elliot of Lee Jewelers on Main Street told police that what appeared to be a father, mother, and a girl entered the store on Feb. 8 and looked around. The next morning, he discovered that six wedding rings were missing from a display case. They had been on the finger of a display figure, which had been snapped off. Three men’s and three women’s rings, the most expensive of which was valued at $2,400, were gone. 

Horses on Main Street was the complaint of someone who called headquarters Feb. 8. When police went to investigate, the horses were no longer on the road but had been corralled into a parking space. Police identified the riders and told them that horses are always supposed to move in the direction of traffic. They agreed.