On the Police Logs 09.29.16


A Hedges Lane man told police on Sept. 21 that he had received a call from a man claiming to be with the I.R.S. Daniel Michels said he was told he would be arrested unless he turned over certain personal information, which he began to do, but became suspicious when the caller began speaking in a rude manner. Mr. Michels hung up the phone and called a credit-monitoring company, which advised him to contact the police.


East Hampton Village

Police were sent to the Hedges Inn on James Lane Saturday night in response to complaints that “loud electronic music” was emanating from the outdoor patio area. They spoke to a manager, who told them a wedding party was in progress. The party did not have a permit for the outdoor music, which was turned off. A written warning was issued.



A Soundview Drive resident told police last Thursday that the previous night, his girlfriend had ridden his white Beach Cruiser bicycle to 7-Eleven and left it outside while she went in. When she came out, Thomas Saglimbeni said, the bike was gone. It appears from the redacted report that police may have a suspect in mind.

A Brooklyn woman ended up “supine” on the sidewalk outside the Memory Motel early on the morning of Sept. 13. Alexandra Quinn required medical attention from an ambulance crew after being punched and falling back on her head. Police tried to find the person responsible, but could not.

Police had to quell a fight outside Sloppy Tuna a little after midnight on Sept. 3, the Saturday of Labor Day weekend. A Port Washington man, William Powers, was checked by an ambulance crew, but declined further medical attention.

That same night, Sam Talbot of Brooklyn man told police he had been assaulted by a security guard at the Surf Lodge. He was standing in the staff service area at one of the nightclub’s bars, he said, and later entered a “V.I.P.” bathroom, causing a security guard to confront him in “an aggressive manner.” Mr. Talbot drove himself to the hospital the next morning.

Sag Harbor

Police were called to the Exxon station on Main Street Monday afternoon by an employee, Anthony Baker, who said a car had been parked on the property for a couple of days without permission. It became a problem when a fuel truck arrived to make a delivery. The unauthorized vehicle was parked on top of the below-ground tank. Police told Mr. Baker that he could tow it.

Claudia Sneed reported on Sunday afternoon that $50 in loose change had been stolen the day before from her unlocked 2006 Volkswagen, which was parked in front of her Hillside Drive residence.

Five dirt bikers were racing through Mashashimuet Park Saturday night, police were told by a caller, but when they arrived, the bikers were gone.