On the Police Logs 09.22.16


Stephanie Bayless got up from a ledge near the front of the Stephen Talkhouse early on the morning of Aug. 18 to take a photograph of the cigarette machine. When she went back, she told police, her Tiffany purse, containing $270 in cash and two debit cards, was gone.


Police were summoned to Liar’s Saloon early Saturday to quell a fight. Kathryn Walker told them she had asked a group to leave the bar because of unruly behavior and the use of profane language. Before leaving, one of them dumped a pitcher of beer on her head. It was not clear from the report what happened next, but one man was injured. He refused medical attention.

Keith Grimes Inc. was targeted by a check forger recently. Earlier this year, Susan Grimes told police, the company mailed a check to a West Virginia firm they have long done business with. A copy of that check was altered, forged, and cashed on Aug. 26. The West Virginia bank later flagged the bad check and contacted the Grimes company’s local bank, Bridgehampton National. Ms. Grimes told police last Thursday that two more fraudulent checks had since surfaced.

Police were called to the Royal Atlantic motel on South Emerson Avenue early on the morning of Aug. 29, where Brenda Munoz told them that someone was inside her room when she returned and would not let her in. Several officers responded, but the trespasser was gone, having fled through an exterior sliding door. Nothing inside was damaged or stolen.

A fire pit on the beach at Gurney’s Resort was the scene of a fight in the small hours of Sept. 4. Police found Dennis J. Corpora Jr. of Colts Neck, N.J., with a bruise over his right eye. His assailant was gone, and Mr. Corpora declined medical attention.

The owner of West Lake Fish House, James Lyons, told police on Aug. 10 that an employee had been stealing produce from him on a regular basis. Mr. Lyons did not want to press charges, but asked police to warn the now ex-employee not to return to the restaurant, saying that his last check would be sent by mail.

A mailbox on Gloucester Street was vandalized overnight Sept. 10. Andrea Kearns told police the black metal box was found on the ground, covered by a mud flap which the vandal had removed from her 1986 Toyota 4Runner. She wanted the incident documented.

A nine-foot Walden Magic surfboard with white and blue stripes was stolen from the yard of an Otis Road house overnight Sept. 11. Matthew Mogul of Venice, Calif., told police he had left the board outside before with no problem. He valued it at $1,000.

Northwest Woods

Sometime between late August and Sept. 9, a camouflage Reconyx trail camera and a steel trap, which had been secured to a tree with a lock, were stolen, lock and all, from a yard on Terry’s Trail. John Forsyth of Malverne valued the missing items at $640.

Sag Harbor

Shannon Richards called police to Terry Drive Monday afternoon. Several Azurest residents had told her that youths were loitering in the beach parking lot, smoking marijuana. She asked for increased patrols.

Allison Lewski told police that items left outside of the Old Whalers Church as part of the church’s yard sale were stolen last Thursday night. She asked for additional patrols overnight while the sale continued.


Glenn Kittren and Christine Hawkins, who were staying at a Springs-Fireplace Road residence while they looked for an apartment to rent, reported on the morning of Sept. 11 that Mr. Kittren’s 2002 Subaru had been badly vandalized while they slept. The radiator was punctured, the air was let out of the tires, and the brake line was cut. Police estimated repairs at $1,000.