Knife Charge At Gurney’s Inn

A Gurney’s Resort security guard who allegedly put a switchblade to a guest’s throat on Saturday was arrested about 24 hours later and charged with menacing and possession of an illegal weapon.

The guard, Mizraim Vazquez of Springs, 38, told East Hampton Town police that his supervisor had instructed him to guard the entrance to the beach that afternoon, and admit only people wearing a special wristband. When a group of men without wristbands asked to go down to the beach, Mr. Vazquez said he refused.

In the group was Gregory Blotnick. From his statement and those of witnesses, it appears that the men, who had been at the bar beforehand, engaged in some immoderate horseplay. One man reportedly put his arm around the guard, who told the group to look at his face, because he wasn’t joking.

Mr. Vazquez then pulled out the switchblade. He told police he did not open it. The witnesses differed, saying he did, grabbing Mr. Blotnick from behind and pressing the blade to his throat. “A bystander told me I was bleeding,” Mr. Blotnick said.

A supervisor then intervened. “He offered to set us up with a daybed on the beach,” Mr. Blotnick said. “While I was speaking with Drew [the supervisor], that security guard left the scene.”

Mr. Blotnick dialed 911 about 10 to 15 minutes later, he said. Meanwhile, Mr. Vazquez was told to clock out and go home.

Bail was set at $500 Monday, which was posted.