On the Police Logs 07.14.16

East Hampton

A vandal smashed the rear driver’s-side window of a 2006 BMW parked in the driveway of an Oakview Highway house Saturday night. Wilson Guerrero told police nothing was missing from the car.

Also on Oakview Highway, canvases for painting, cans of artist’s paint, and books on art were stolen last week from outside a residence in the trailer park. Jean Hernandez valued the items at about $400.

East Hampton Village

Scammers posing as I.R.S. agents were at it again last week. Last Thursday, an Amy’s Court woman reported receiving a message telling her to send money or be sued, and that this would be her “final warning.” Recognizing the call to be an attempt to defraud, she notified police.

A Greenport woman was issued a summons Friday afternoon in the Stop and Shop parking lot on Newtown Lane. She had a handicapped card displayed, and had parked in the designated space, but the card, police said, was not hers. It was confiscated.

A Manhattan woman in a late-model Toyota did the same thing at about the same time in the Reutershan lot. She, too, was issued a summons, and had the blue card confiscated.

A taxi driver called police after a 23-year-old Mill Hill Lane woman refused to pay the $80 fare from Montauk early Saturday morning, giving the driver only $40. After a knock on the door from police, the fare was paid.

Another cabbie reported theft of service by three Chicagoans, whom he charged $60 to go from Moby’s to Osborne Lane. They only paid $22, he said. The Midwesterners denied the allegation, saying they had paid the full amount. Police, not knowing who owed what, told the cabbie it was a civil matter, and he needed to take them to court.

Police were called to an Ocean Avenue residence on the night of July 5. A pipe in the underground irrigation system had broken and her yard was flooding, the homeowner said. An officer was able to turn off the system

Police responded to a call from a Bailow Lane house the evening of July 6. The caller reported a bat had flown into the house. An officer searched for the bat unsuccessfully, and told the man to call back if it reappeared.


At Carl Fisher Plaza last Thursday night police responded to a fight, which apparently started at one of the downtown bars. According to the report, a bouncer had escorted an unruly patron away from the bar, then “put him on the ground and waited for police.” No charges were filed.

Workers who live at Ann Breyer’s Cottages on West Lake Drive were at their jobs the morning of July 5 when someone entered one of the residences and stole a combined $600, belonging to three individuals. There was no sign of forced entry, police said.

Vandals ripped a memorial bench at the new town parking lot at South Edison and South Euclid Streets out of its concrete mooring on the Fourth of July and broke the backrest slats. The bench was dedicated to Charles Gulden Ramsay.

Police were called to the Navy Beach parking lot Saturday night, where the management said a driver for Home Town Taxi had been “making threats.” The driver, whose name was redacted from the report, had parked his van and walked away, apparently fishing for fares. He was asked to leave, but instead backed the van into a parking space reserved for customers and began cursing at a parking attendant. Police told the man he was no longer welcome at the restaurant, and he agreed never to return.

A Kings Point family staying at Gurney’s Resort told police on July 2 that a thief had entered their locked room. Shahram Golpanian provided a list of missing items: an iPhone, $400 in cash, and a Michael Kors mesh bag. Police were able to track the iPhone to the Indian Wells Beach area in Amagansett, and the items were returned. It does not appear that anyone was arrested.

Sag Harbor

Eric Hadley of Mulford Lane told police early Friday morning that a stranger had tried to enter his house. When Mr. Hadley told the man he was at the wrong house, he left, and was nowhere to be found when police arrived.

Kara Hartwell called police to Xanadu on Main Street Saturday evening to report that someone had written “Trump” in chalk on an exterior brick. Police discovered several Main Street brick buildings similarly defaced.

Police were called to Long Wharf Sunday, where Robin Meyer, aboard the Serenity, moored off the wharf, complained that a neighboring 44-foot-vessel was blasting loud music day and night. Police advised her to contact the harbormaster.