On the Police Logs 05.19.16



Detectives are investigating the disappearance of a .22-caliber Marlin rifle from an Alexis Court house. Rebecca Rahn told police the stainless steel rifle belonged to her ex-husband.

East Hampton

A Cosdrew Lane woman reported on May 11 that someone had taken over her Gmail business account. Joan Holden said she was no longer able to log in.

Rita Zumba of the Oakview Highway trailer park told police that someone had asked her to deposit a check for $1,900 to her account, then mail another check to him. She received his check in the mail, she said, but her bank told her it was no good. Police advised her to have no further contact with the person in question, and by no means to send him any money.

East Hampton Village

A woman was spotted walking a small, unleashed dog on Egypt Beach last Thursday around noon. Police did not ticket her, but issued a warning, after she told them she thought ordinances governing dogs on the beach had not yet begun.

A Pantigo Road resident called police after midnight last Thursday, complaining about loud music and the sound of construction work being done at CVS. Police paid a visit to the store, where they were told that a work crew from out of town was doing some renovation. They normally work inside stores during the overnight hours, police were told. The crew agreed to turn the music off and to refrain from cutting lumber outside.


Roy Dalene alerted police and code enforcement officers on May 11 that he had learned that a house he owns on South Delrey Road had been posted on Craigslist as a rental. The listing, by persons unknown, had apparently been up for 13 days. Mr. Dalene himself was not defrauded, but police said it was possible that someone could have sent money to the imposter posing as the owner. Mr. Dalene also reported the incident to the Federal Trade Commission.

Sag Harbor

Joseph Pintauro of John Street was disturbed to find a flyer headed “Stop Gang Stalking” left on his porch Monday morning. Police checked the neighborhood, found a number of other such flyers, and located the person who had left them. He was advised to stop, and said he would.

Police were called to Havens Lane in the early morning hours of May 11, where Randy Zlobec reported having seen a “silhouette” of a person on the other side of his fence. When police arrived, the silhouette was gone.

Robert Pharaoh spotted a large snapping turtle walking on Eastville Avenue Saturday morning. Police contacted a wildlife specialist, who transported the animal to Havens Beach, where it was released.

Another creature out of its element was discovered Sunday evening by Patrick Chisholm. A small bird had gotten itself trapped inside a hollow pole at the intersection of Grand and Division Streets. Police manipulated the pole until the bird was able to fly away.