On the Police Logs 12.22.16


Electric lines to a house on Cranberry Hole Road, coming in from a street pole to the junction box, were cut sometime between Dec. 9 and Dec. 12, when a property manager reported the damage. Repairs were estimated at $4,000.

East Hampton

A mailbox, with its post, was thrown into woods just west of Sharon M. Gajajiva’s Oakview Highway residence on the night of Dec. 9. A police officer was able to put the mailbox, which was undamaged, back in place.

The owner of another Oakview Highway mailbox was not as lucky. John Piccuci reported that his copper box, worth about $100, was stolen sometime between Dec. 8 and Dec. 10.

East Hampton Village

When opening Scoop Beach on Newtown Lane Saturday morning, an employee found that paperwork and sales receipts had been rifled through and strewn all over the floor. All together, about $1,000 was missing from the cash registers. All three exterior doors were locked when she had closed the store the night before at 6:15, she told police, and she was the last person to leave. Detectives learned that all the employees who have keys to the store were at a company Christmas party in Bridgehampton that night, from 10 to midnight. Police found no sign of forced entry. An investigation is continuing.

An employee at Apple Bank reported damage to a window screen last Thursday morning. Police noted that the screen was “old, weathered, and brittle.” There was no other damage to the window frame or storm window, and no evidence of an attempted break-in.

A deer was caught in a fence at c/o the Maidstone last Thursday afternoon, but managed to free itself before police arrived.

A Gingerbread Lane resident complained that a Suffolk County transit bus was parked illegally on his street on Friday at about 12:20 p.m. An officer found that the bus had broken down; it was removed not long after.


A gray duffel bag containing shoes, shorts, and shirts was stolen around noon on Dec. 5 from Glenn Welsh’s Ford Fusion. He told police he had stopped briefly at the Point restaurant before going home, and did not realize until the next day, as he was leaving for the gym, that the bag was gone.

Sag Harbor

Rob Reid, a resident of Hillside Drive East, reported a “subject on bicycle checking what appears to be vacant homes in the area,” village police said. Police did not find anyone.