On the Police Logs 12.15.16

East Hampton 

Spyridon Dimopoulous reported receiving a call on the afternoon of Dec. 6 from an unknown number, stating his oil service was to be disconnected. He was instructed to call the PSEG Storm Center at a number that turned out not to be connected to the utility. When he called, he was told he would have to pay $1,500. He offered some information but then realized it was a scam and called his bank immediately. Nothing had been compromised. After he went to police, an officer called the number and was asked to put $800 on a money card and give him the personal identification number, or risk having service disconnected. 

On Dec. 9, Terry Gilbert took a call from someone claiming to be her grandson, who said he had been in an accident in the Dominican Republic and needed $3,900. The caller gave her a number for “the U.S. Embassy in the Dominican Republic,” and someone on the other end instructed her to send two prepaid Target gift cards for $2,000 each. While she was driving to Riverhead, a friend advised her to call family members, who said everything was fine. 

East Hampton Village

Police received a report on Dec. 5 at about 7:20 p.m. of “a suspicious man” knocking on the door of the Presbyterian Church and then running away. An officer spoke to a woman who was there with her child, who said she had knocked on the door for a meeting, and when no one answered they went to their car to wait. 


Several residents of West Lake Drive woke up on Dec. 5 to find items, including owner’s manuals, stolen from their cars overnight. All the vehicles had been left unlocked. Valda A. Rudzitis found the driver’s door and a back passenger door of her 2011 Subaru Outback ajar. The interior was ransacked, with the owner’s manual, a leather day planner, and $5 in change taken from the glove box. Richard Tomiser’s owner’s manual for his 2015 Ford F250 was also taken, along with the insurance card. Jorge Portilla-Salamea said $1,000 in cash, plus an insurance card and owner’s manual, were missing from his 2004 Toyota Rav4. Jose Chacha lost his Ecuadorian passport, an insurance card, and owner’s manual from his 2004 Nissan. Rene Galan and Maria Galan’s registration and insurance cards, plus their owner’s manuals, were taken from their 1999 Nissan Pathfinder and 2001 Chevrolet Suburban. There was no damage to any of the vehicles. 

Sag Harbor Village

An electronic marijuana-smoking device was found in the hallway of Pierson High School on Monday afternoon. Jeff Nichols, the principal, turned it in to police. 

An Ecuadorian man in his 20s, who claimed to be homeless and living in Sag Harbor, tried to surrender himself to immigration officials at the village police station last Thursday morning. Chief A.J. McGuire said that while the man was in the country illegally, he was not wanted for any crimes, and immigration authorities declined to respond. 


All the doors on Jhony A. Nieto’s 2015 Jeep Wrangler were keyed sometime between Dec. 6 and Saturday. He called police to his Crandall Street house Sunday afternoon. Mr. Nieto wanted to document the incident for insurance purposes and was adamant about not pursuing charges. Police said he would not even let the officer take photographs of the damage. 


Two volleyball nets were stolen from the East Hampton Town ball fields on Stephen Hand’s Path recently. Anthony Littman, the town maintenance supervisor, said the last time they had been seen for sure was on Nov. 23. They will cost $400 to replace.