On the Police Logs 11.24.16

East Hampton Village

A homeless man called police to Starbucks on Friday evening. He told officers his girlfriend had vanished after leaving the store. While police were talking with the man, the woman reappeared. She told police she was fine, and had just been resting on a bench. The investigation was closed.

The night before, police found the same couple sleeping in the post office lobby on Gay Street. They agreed to find another place to sleep.

A dispute at the East Hampton Gym on Fithian Lane caught the attention of police on Nov. 16, around noon. Police received a complaint that a Staten Island man who has a house on Orchard Lane was threatening the receptionist. The report said the man wanted “to cancel his gym membership but does not want to pay for it.” The manager agreed that he would not be charged, noting that his membership was due to expire anyway.

Another dispute requiring a visit from police happened on the morning of Nov. 16 outside Riverhead Building Supply. Two men were arguing about something that happened five years ago, when they were living together. The one who summoned police said he just wanted the other man to leave him alone, which he promised to do.


A Sag Harbor woman parked her 2015 Jeep Cherokee in a lot near the Sunrise Guest House on Old Montauk Highway early on the afternoon of Nov. 12. Patricia Kern told police she went for a walk on the beach with friends for about 20 minutes, then returned to the car and drove out to the lighthouse. When she stopped to pay the parking fee, she realized her Tory Burch handbag, containing a matching leather wallet, a makeup bag, and several credit cards, was missing. She valued the stolen items at over $1,000.

Northwest Woods

Leslie Schnur of White Pine Road told police on Nov. 15 that Chase Bank had called her to say someone had tried to use her name and Social Security number online to obtain a credit card. The bank put the transaction on hold while it investigated the request, which was found to be a scam. No money changed hands, Ms. Schnur said.


A Glade Road woman called police on Nov. 15, reporting that someone appeared to have entered the house over the previous 24 hours, moving papers around and using a bathroom. Nothing, however, appeared to be missing. Police told Megan Ganga to keep her door locked and call back if there was any more suspicious activity.

A four-wheel gas-powered all-terrain vehicle was stolen from an Amagansett Drive East yard sometime between Nov. 11 and Nov. 12. Daisy Guerrero told police there was no gas in the red ATV, which she valued at $4,000.