On the Police Logs 11.10.16

East Hampton

A Springs man told police on Halloween that at some point over the preceding two days, his handicapped parking placard had been stolen from his 1988 Ford Ranger. John Conner said he had been running errands, and was uncertain about where the car was when the card was stolen. 

East Hampton Village

The owner of Consumer Tires on Railroad Avenue called police to the store on Saturday morning. A man had brought in his 2011 Ford pickup truck two days before to have its rear brakes changed. When the job was done, the shop owner told police, the man said he needed to go to an A.T.M. to get money to pay the $300.35 bill, and would return in a few minutes. He drove off and never returned. Police have been unable to contact the man, who lives on Three Mile Harbor-Hog Creek Road in Springs.

A Sag Harbor man leaned his black Shimano fishing rod and reel against a fence at the Main Beach parking lot Sunday morning, then drove off without it. When he realized his mistake and returned, about an hour later, the rod and reel, valued at $700, was gone. 


John Aldridge walked into the Montauk police substation on the morning of Oct. 17 and told police he had unloaded five fish crates with flip-top lids two days earlier. Inside the boxes were half-inch lobster sink lines, with about “3,600 linear feet of rope that was made from three spools valued at $250 each,” and another $200 worth of “miscellaneous rope.” He left the crates in a lot where commercial fishermen store their gear. When he returned on the 17th, the crates and gear were gone. Mr. Aldridge, whose survival after falling overboard 40 miles off Montauk Point was chronicled in The Times Magazine, said he had spoken with his fellow fishermen to no avail, and did not believe that anyone who docks at Town Dock would steal his gear. Police are investigating.

Janet Wilkins reported the theft of an aluminum dock ramp on Nov. 2, stolen from her Fleming Road dock on Fort Pond Bay. Family members checked with Mickey’s Carting, which usually stores the ramp during the winter, and were told they had not picked it up. The family also talked with neighbors, as did the police, but no one had seen anything. A neighbor in a small boat checked underwater by the dock, but the ramp was not to be found. 

Vandals throwing eggs struck a Kettle Hole Road residence on Halloween night. Jack Botero told police that he heard the eggs striking his house and went outside, but the hooligans responsible were gone. The next morning he discovered that they had also ripped his mailbox out of the ground, breaking its door. It will cost about $250 to replace.

The resident of a house on South Fran Street, a quiet cul-de-sac off South Fox Street, reported damage to her black 2013 Cadillac on Oct. 16. Clare Kelly said someone had let the air out of the vehicle’s suspension system, causing its rear-wheel wells to sag down onto the tires. Also, she told police, two of the tire valve stem caps were overtightened, making it impossible to remove them. She said she has spoken out often at Town Board meetings, complaining about a neighboring property being used as an “industrial yard,” complaints that she said have been ignored. She believes that someone associated with that property may be responsible for the damage. 

Sag Harbor 

Linda Shapiro told police she had left her Jefferson Street house at about 11:30 a.m. on Nov. 1 and entered her office, which is on the property. An hour later, she returned to the house and found a mysterious branch, with thorns, lying near the doorstep. She told police an irrigation company had done work on the property, but she did not believe them responsible. Police noted in their report that the company did appear to have worked around some thornbushes in front of the house. 

Joel Fisher told police Saturday night that when he tried to use his Suffolk County National Bank A.T.M. card, his transaction was denied. Someone using the same card number had made four transactions in Nassau County for about $2,700 earlier, flagging the account for the bank and causing it to be put on hold.



East Hampton Town Councilwoman Kathee Burke-Gonzalez called police to her Lincoln Avenue house Friday night, which had been the target of an egg-tosser sometime between 7 and 9 p.m. She said she knew of no one who might have had it in for her. Officers checked the area and spoke to a neighbor, to no avail. Ms. Burke-Gonzalez estimated cleanup at about $250.

A thief rifled through an unlocked car in a Springs-Fireplace Road driveway overnight on Oct. 25. Cally Orlando told police she had heard noises outside a little before 10 p.m., but thought nothing of it. In the morning, she discovered an Apple iPad Mini missing, as well as numerous legal and hospital papers. Police noted that she has a standing order of protection against an individual whose identity was blacked out on the report. Police are attempting to contact that person.