Also on the Logs 10.13.16

Local Police Notes

East Hampton Village

Police received an anonymous 911 call at 5 a.m. on Oct. 3, reporting a person dressed as a clown standing in the middle of Main Street near Dayton Lane. An officer was dispatched, reporting back that the clown was gone on arrival.

A library employee notified police that a backpack containing a laptop computer belonging to Jeff Sharp, chairman of the Hamptons International Film Festival advisory board, had been left at the library Saturday evening. It was returned.  

A woman, whom police did not name, got into a heated dispute with the manager of Stop and Shop on Newtown Lane Sunday evening during checkout. The woman, who was from Coram, told police she was angry about the way employees spoke to customers. She paid her bill, however, and left without further ado.


Police have released details concerning the theft of a key to a boat docked at the Montauk Yacht Club in July. According to the report,  Sammy Virani of Kemah, Tex., had someone drive a car from Texas to Montauk. Police were told the driver expected to be reimbursed once the car was turned over. However, the unnamed man then hid the car keys inside a boat and refused to disclose their location. Police are investigating the case as possible petty larceny.

Earl Beckford of South Etna Avenue told police on Sept. 27 that he had, over the past couple of weeks, paid $1,400 to a person who took off for North Carolina. It is not clear from the redacted report what the money was for. In any event, the police have contacted the man, whom they did not name, warning that Mr. Beckford would press charges if the money was not returned.

Sag Harbor

Cee Brown of Bluff Point Lane told police last Thursday that his nine- foot-long, green Old Town Otter kayak had been stolen from the dock behind his house sometime over the previous three days. 

Police went to a Main Street apartment Friday evening after Susan Harlow reported a strange odor in the air. An investigation in which Sag Harbor volunteers took part revealed that a plastic spoon had fallen onto the heating element of the dishwasher. The spoon was safely removed.

Jack Prizzi of Division Street reported hearing unexplained knocking on his door Friday night. When police arrived, whoever had been responsible was gone.


A Wildflower Road resident reported a quantity of logs stolen from a shed on her property between Sept. 24 and 29. Ann Beatty said she had recently paid a landscaper $750 to cut them. Police are investigating. 

Manuel Tacuri, who has a Montauk address, told police that $2,000 was missing from a container containing $11,000 that he had left in a family house on Beverly Road on Sept. 20. Five residents of the house were interviewed and denied knowing anything about it.