On the Police Logs 10.06.16


Peter Israel, who rented his house over the summer, told police that a woman he had hired to clean between rentals had been stealing various linens from the house. He did not want to press charges, but did want the situation documented.

East Hampton

A vandal armed with a BB gun damaged two storm windows on an Austin Road house sometime between Sept. 19 and Sept. 26. Alex Arango estimated the cost of replacement at $250.

An Oakview Highway trailer park resident told police Sept. 27 that he had paid Long Island Mobile Homes $9,000 in May to make repairs to his residence. He said the company’s owner, whose name was blacked out on the report, continually pushed the start date of the work back and now is not answering the phone. Kevin Barros-Hurtados said he has hired a lawyer to sue the company. Police had him fill out a complaint on the matter.

A Royal Street resident reported in early September that $20,000 in cash and a laptop had been stolen from her house. Luz Betancourt told police she had hired a contractor, who was in the house on Aug. 23 and Aug. 24, to take up a carpet and lay down a new wooden floor. The contractor brought in a crew of five workers for a couple of hours each day, she said. The work was never finished, she told police, and the contractor now does not answer her calls.


A Manhattan woman came into the Montauk police station Sept. 23 after discovering that someone in Sunny Isle Beach, Fla., had made and used a duplicate of her debit card, making multiple withdrawals from Sept. 16 through Sept. 20. Linda Crawford said she had been defrauded of a total of $2,300 before her bank flagged the account and notified her.

A Hicksville man told police on Sept. 17 that the rear quarter panel of his 2015 Mercedes Benz had been scratched with a key. An officer took a look, and told Edward Scicluan that the damage did not appear to have been done by a key, but by another vehicle.

Two deer cameras installed outside a Hoppin Avenue house were stolen over the Sept. 24 weekend, James Stavola told police last week. Mr. Stavola, who is a co-owner of the house, gave police the name of a suspect. He declined to press charges but wanted the theft documented.

A white beach cruiser bicycle was stolen from outside the apartments at 379 West Lake Drive on Sept. 28. Denise Ebanks valued the missing bike at $125.

Northwest Woods

Gabrielle Anne Kirk McDonald called police Sept. 23, reporting that her locked Designer Roadside mailbox had been broken into sometime over the previous 48 hours. It appeared that an electric drill had been used on the lock. Ms. McDonald said there was about a week’s worth of mail in the box. Police checked the area, and it appeared that no other boxes had been targeted. The investigation is continuing.

Sag Harbor

Police were called to a Lincoln Street residence on Sept. 29. Paul Dorego told officers that his wife had arrived home that evening to find a light on that had been off, and a tampon wrapper on the bathroom floor. Though it appeared that someone may have been in the house, nothing was missing or disturbed.

Edward Wilkerson told police Saturday that he had parked his Mercedes Benz on Main Street the afternoon of Sept. 24 and thought he had locked it with his key fob, though he said he might have inadvertently unlocked it. In any event, the car was unlocked when he returned. Gone from the back seat was a Gucci vinyl tote bag valued at $1,000 and a Canon 7D camera, worth $3,000.


A gray Echo leaf blower with a black cover was stolen between Sept. 1 and Sept. 6 from a trailer parked outside an Ocean Parkway house. James Bennett valued the missing machine at $250.

A Buddha statue and four crystal rocks left on it, along with a quilted welcome mat, were stolen from a Sea Bright Avenue yard between Sept. 19 and Sept. 22. Lisa Levitin valued the items at about $280 and said she would press charges if the thief is found.

In the early morning hours of Sept. 21, a vandal smashed the driver’s side window of a 2003 Hyundai parked on Winslow Avenue. Raymond Curtin told police he expects the replacement cost to be about $200.


A side mirror on a late-model Chevrolet Silverado was stolen from the vehicle in broad daylight on Sept. 28, while it was parked on Bathgate Road. Brian Otto valued the mirror at $150.