On the Police Logs 06.21.12

Police News


Rona Klopman of Beach Hampton reported that someone had unbolted a bench on Marine Boulevard, near the entrance to the beach, and moved it to a different location on that road, sometime between June 10 and June 11. Whoever moved the bench, which belongs to the local homeowners association, chained it down at the new location. A fireman cut the chain and moved the bench temporarily to Ms. Klopman’s property, and she told police she would have it reinstalled at its proper location.

Jean McLoughlin of New York City reported her iPad stolen on the afternoon of June 9 from the front seat of her Jeep, which was parked at the train station.

East Hampton

A Stonewall Court woman, Eileen Kochanasz, told police that both her mailbox and a neighbor’s had been yanked from the ground and thrown on the road at about midnight on June 11. It was the second such incident in the past two months, she said. A neighbor reported hearing a car skid to a stop at about that time and hearing a car door slam. She saw a vehicle, possibly an SUV, pull out and speed away.

Gerard Nordmeier of Hertford, N.C., told police that sometime between June 3 and June 10 items from his a brother’s property on Farm Lane had been removed. A mower, fencing, and four terra-cotta pots, together valued at $1,370, are missing.

A vandal spray-painted the door of a Clinton Street house, along with a couple of neighboring mailboxes, around midnight on June 9.

East Hampton Village

Lisa Noski of Pondview Lane called police on the evening of June 11 to say a doe was trapped in her fenced-in yard. An officer arrived and escorted the animal to freedom.

The caretaker of a Newtown Lane property complained on the morning of June 11 that the driver of a recent-model black Jeep had dumped garbage there. Police went through the garbage, found identifying papers, contacted the East Hampton resident whose name was on them, and issued a warning.

A Pantigo Road woman, Virginia Gray, was cited for littering on the morning of June 11 by a traffic control officer, who requested police help. The T.C.O. said he had seen Ms. Gray throw a plastic bag of dog waste on the beach.
A New York City man lost his iPad on Woods Lane last Thursday afternoon. He told police he’d put it on top of his car and driven off, forgetting it was there. The iPad, which he valued at $800, was not found.

The manager of Waldbaum’s called police late Friday night to say a drunken man with a dog was refusing to leave the store. The man left when an officer arrived.

Police were called to Cittanuova late Saturday night to deal with two New York City men who refused to pay their bill. They paid up when police appeared.

A loud Lily Pond Lane yard party received a visit from police Sunday morning at 4:30. Revelers agreed to take the merrymaking indoors.

Police have received several reports over the past two weeks, and have documented each case, of a vandal writing anti-Obama slogans on public property. Detectives are on the lookout.

A caller reported that a man in a van was exposing himself in the Egypt Beach parking lot. The van was gone when police arrived.

A resident of Tiny Underwood’s Motel, Kelvin Delacruz, told police last Thursday evening that someone had slashed three tires on his 2005 Dodge the day before.

David Weir of South Delphi Street said that sometime in May someone had broken into his garage and damaged some wallboard stored there. Mr. Weir called police a second time later in the week to say he now believed the garage had been hit by lightning.

Three officers responded to reports of a fight at Liars’ Saloon on the night of June 10 and were met by Christopher Verity, who had blood running down his shirt. Mr. Verity said two men had jumped him and punched him repeatedly in the head and face, but that he did not want to press charges. The officers thought Mr. Verity was intoxicated, according to the report, as he became belligerent and uncooperative. He was taken to Southampton Hospital to be treated for his injuries, including a cut over his left eye and on his right cheek, and general swelling of the face.

The Surf Club’s lifeguard, Matthew Thompson, reported on the morning of June 11 that someone had smashed the driver’s-side window of his 1998 Chevy Camaro the night before. There were no witnesses.

Sag Harbor

Danny Chang, the owner of the Yummylicious Ice Cream store, reported to police on Saturday that he had caught, on tape, a teenage employee going through a purse and removing $200 from it.


After the man who cleans Bettina Klinger’s pool on Talmage Farm Lane told her the pool pump had been stolen, Ms. Klinger told police the theft might have been the work of a former contractor, with whom she is having a legal dispute.

Anne Mullen of Louse Point Road reported on June 10 that sometime during the preceding week her mailbox, along with that of a neighboring house, had been vandalized.