So Mad He Punched S.U.V.

    As the weather gets warmer, the road-ragers are hitting midseason form, based on recent police reports.
    On Memorial Day at about 1 p.m., Howard Chesin of Amagansett was driving a 2004 Toyota Highlander at the 30-mile-per-hour speed limit on Town Lane in that hamlet when a black pickup truck came roaring up behind him.
    After riding the Toyota’s tail, the driver of the truck pulled out and whipped around the S.U.V., slammed on his brakes, and got out. Fearing a confrontation, Mr. Chasin tried to go around the enraged man, who punched the passenger-side mirror of Mr. Chasin’s vehicle, breaking it. He then got back into his truck, did a U-turn, and drove away, turning onto Windmill Lane.
    Two eyewitnesses corroborated Mr. Chasin’s account to East Hampton Town police.
    In Sag Harbor, police received an unusual road-rage call on Sunday involving a black Hummer and a car. When the two vehicles came to a stop at a crosswalk on Long Island Avenue, the driver of the Hummer hurled something at the other car and sped away.
    The driver got out to inspect the damage and discovered that the car had been hit with a carrot cake.