Busy With D.W.I. Caseload in East Hampton Justice Court

Cahill and Rana take care of business

    In recent East Hampton Town Justice Court adjudications, a number of driving-while-intoxicated cases and related offenses were disposed of.
    On May 3, Justice Lisa R. Rana accepted a guilty plea from James Selberg-Strauss, 20, of Sag Harbor, who had been arrested by East Hampton Town police in September and charged with operating a vehicle while under the influence of drugs and unlicensed driving, as well as several traffic infractions. Justice Rana sentenced him to a one-year license suspension and $995 in fines and court fees.
    Justice Rana also took a guilty plea that day to first-offense driving while intoxicated from Frederic Stephens, 20, on an April D.W.I. charge. She sentenced him to a 90-day driver’s license revocation and $1,150 in fines and court fees.
    Mr. Stephens, an East Hampton resident, was wounded in a shooting incident in East Hampton last Thursday and underwent surgery at Stony Brook University Medical Center. Police are investigating, as reported on A1.
    Kimberly E. Donaldson, 45, of New York City had her license lifted for six months by Justice Rana and was sentenced to one year with a breath-alcohol detection device installed on any vehicle she drives. The sentence relates to a July incident in which, police said, she was drunk when she drove her BMW Z3 into a tree on Darby Lane in East Hampton Village.
    Also on May 3, Justice Rana handed Krysten V. Gibbs, 26, of Skillman, N.J., three years of probation, $1,585 in fines and fees, and a one-year license revocation for a July arrest in which she left the scene of an accident. In it, she was said to have swerved from her lane on Three Mile Harbor Road in East Hampton, striking another vehicle and sending its driver to Southampton Hospital with injuries.
    In town court on May 17 with Justice Catherine A. Cahill on the bench, Howard Brandon, 66, of Amagansett appeared and was sentenced to 90 days without a license and $995 in fines and fees on a first-offense D.W.I. arrest by town police dating from August.
    Also May 17, Justice Cahill sentenced Thomas A. Longo, 40, of Merrick to four months’ time served in Suffolk County jail, six months without a license, and $1,400 in fines in a matter that began when an ambulance crew reported seeing a van being driven erratically on Main Street in East Hampton Village. He had been charged with operating the Ford while under the influence of drugs.
    Jonathan Restrepo, 23, is serving 30 days in jail, on Justice Cahill’s order, on an aggravated-D.W.I. arrest that took place in September 2010 on Montauk Highway in East Hampton. At the time, police said that Mr. Restrepo’s blood alcohol level, at .21, was almost three times the legal limit. According to the court records, Mr. Restrepo chose the jail term instead of a fine.
    Justice Cahill also sentenced Shawn Morrison, 26, of Montauk to six months without a license and a year with an alcohol monitor in any vehicle he drives, as well as $1,400 in fines. Mr. Morrison had been arrested by East Hampton Town police in June after an incident on Montauk Highway in downtown Montauk in which he was said to have struck a pedestrian with his Jeep and was charged with D.W.I.
    Brian Schlitt, 42, of Amagansett faces six months without a license, a year of an ignition-lock device on any car he drives, and three years of probation after a guilty plea to aggravated D.W.I. Justice Cahill also fined him $1,400 and imposed alcohol and narcotics conditions. Town police had arrested Mr. Schlitt, they said, after stopping him for going 20 miles per hour over the speed limit on Flamingo Avenue in Montauk.
    Justice Cahill accepted a guilty plea to D.W.I. from Michael R. Yusi, 43, of East Hampton, who had been arrested in May of last year after he was stopped on Springs-Fireplace Road in Springs. She sentenced him to six months without a license, $1,400 in fines, and a year with an ignition-lock device.
    Finally on May 17, Justice Cahill imposed a sentence identical to Mr. Yusi’s on Daniel Zinn, 38, whom town police had charged with aggravated D.W.I. in August after he had been seen swerving on Montauk Highway in East Hampton.


Interesting. The judge takes away the license of all of these people but lets the road rage guy who smashed into other peoples cars on purpose just walk away. Interesting.