On the Police Logs 05.24.12

Police News


Patrick Cantwell, the Amagansett fire chief, reported last week that on April 30 someone had removed a $2,500 portable fire radio from a room with a combination lock on the door. He had held off reporting the incident, hoping the radio might have been misplaced, the fire chief said, but now needed to report it missing for insurance purposes. The department was doing joint drills the night before with three other companies, five men each from East Hampton, Westhampton, and Montauk, Mr. Cantwell told police.

East Hampton

Vandals knocked over two lawn statues and damaged a fence and a street sign the night of May 10 in the vicinity of Three Mile Harbor Road and Oakview Highway. About six young men were seen roaming the neighborhood that night.

An East Hampton woman has found nails in her car tires twice in the last six weeks, she complained on May 11. The car was parked both times in the gravel lot on North Main Street next to the Hudson City Savings Bank.
Residents of nearby buildings told police the owner of the bank property believes the parking spots belong to the bank during business hours. An officer also learned that one neighbor dumps refuse from his truck into a Dumpster on the property and that there are frequently nails in the material. The officer walked around the lot and found several nails scattered about.

East Hampton Village
An East Hampton woman walking on Ocean Avenue called 911 on May 14 and said her dog was fighting with another dog in the bushes and she couldn’t get him out. The dog came out, no worse for wear, just as an officer arrived. The other dog disappeared.

Police came across a car with only three tires, stuck on Railroad Avenue in front of Consumer Tires, on May 16. The car’s owner had just pulled out of the shop after having his tires changed, but one tire’s lug nuts had not been tightened. It fell off as the car moved, destroying the right-side fender.

An officer spotted a woman running away from a black Mercedes-Benz parked on Main Street and David’s Lane on Saturday. The woman said she’d been using her husband’s cellphone and had found text messages on it from another woman. Her husband said the messages were innocent and he just wanted his phone back. They both confirmed that no violence had occurred. Their 6-year-old was in the back seat of the car during the incident, which ended after the wife gave her husband back his phone and the two agreed to go their separate ways.

Several officers responded to a call of a robbery in progress early last Thursday evening near South Emerson Street. The caller was a New York City man who’d gone for a walk on the beach with his wife, leaving their cooler and gear behind. They returned to find four men, one of whom was going through the cooler, pulling out bottles of beer and wine. The New Yorker grabbed the man and told him to stay put while he called the police, who spoke with the four and escorted them off the beach. No further action was taken.

Sean Murphy, who owns a vacant property on West Lake Drive, called police on May 15 to say there had been a sleep-in intruder. An officer found a suitcase with clothing, a backpack, a sleeping bag, and a Go-Pro camera on the premises. On the suitcase was a tag with the name of the owner, who was told he could collect his items at the Montauk police station, where he admitted having previously slept in another vacant West Lake Drive location. He was warned not to enter any more vacant buildings or he would be arrested.

Sag Harbor
A Hampton Street resident called police last week to say there was a raccoon locked in his upstairs bathroom. A wildlife rescuer removed it.
Another caller, who police said was likely a graduating senior, reported on Friday that there was a beached whale on the grounds at the high school.

Also on Friday, police received a report that chains and moorings were stolen from the North Haven mooring field over the winter.


A Springs woman told police on May 14 that during the previous weekend the welded metal mailbox outside Hampton Auto Collision, which was die-cut in the silhouette of a person, had been run over.

An East Hampton woman told police that same day that four solar L.E.D.s that had lined the dock at the marina at Isle of Wight and Three Mile Harbor Roads had been stolen. The lights, valued at $40 apiece, had been screwed into the dock.