House Party Turns Bloody, Blunt Leads to Arrest

    Police responded to a call that a woman was screaming for help near the intersection of Springs-Fireplace Road and Spinner Lane in East Hampton on Feb. 22 at about 1:20 a.m. Town police found what they described as a large house party in progress and were told that there was a fight going on in the backyard.
    An officer said he came upon Derrick Johnson of East Hampton being restrained by several men at the bottom of a basement stairwell. When Mr. Johnson, 19, saw the officer, he broke free of the men restraining him and shut a door behind him, poilce said. The officer allegedly saw through a window that Mr. Johnson was covered with blood and told him to open the door, but he refused to do so, instead pointing to the bloodied victim of his alleged assault, who was next to him with a cut above his left eye. Police did not release his identity because he is a minor.
    The officer forced the door open and Mr. Johnson fled up the stairs, police said. The officer remained with the alleged victim, and Mr. Johnson returned with his shirt off, charging the two of them and screaming, according to police, before another officer helped subdue him.
    Mr. Johnson was charged with assault, physical harassment, and resisting arrest. He was later released with an appearance ticket. The alleged victim and the arresting officer were taken to Southampton Hospital.
    As Mr. Johnson was being arrested, police spoke to someone who appeared to live at the house and seemed intoxicated, according to the police report. Reported to be a minor, he told police that his parents were on vacation in Ecuador and that he was hosting a party at which his friends supplied their own beer.
    He was charged with illegal possession of alcohol as a minor and with gathering a group of more than 50 people without a permit. He was given an appearance ticket.

A Blunt Arrest
    The makings of a “blunt” led to an arrest on a rainy Friday night. At about 6 on Feb. 24, an officer on patrol pulled into the parking lot at the beach at the end of Flaggy Hole Road in the Maidstone Park section of East Hampton, an area where town police have made several drug arrests in recent months.
    Kevin A. Aguilar, 19, of Mastic Beach was seated with a female companion in a parked car. When a patrol car approached, he started the car and pulled out of the parking lot, turning down a seldom-used dirt road and arousing the suspicion of the officer, who waited around the corner for the car to emerge.
    When the car turned onto Richardson Avenue, the officer made a traffic stop and noticed that tobacco was stuck to the side of the wet driver’s-side door and  also saw an emptied stubby cigar in the car. The officer asked Mr. Aguilar if he had any drugs on him and was handed a grinder used for marijuana along with a small, red-tinted plastic bag, according to police.
    The officer then searched the car, found no more drugs, and arrested Mr. Aguilar, charging him with unlawful possession of marijuana. Mr. Aguilar was released with an appearance ticket.
    At about 1 a.m. on Feb. 26, two plainclothes officers in an unmarked car outside the Whalebone Village apartment complex in East Hampton saw two men and a woman get into a parked 1991 Nissan. They sat in it in the dark for about 20 minutes, and then the woman was seen lighting a lighter.
    The Nissan pulled out and passed the officers, who reportedly smelled marijuana smoke coming from its windows. They stopped the car and ordered the two men out of the vehicle. One of the officers questioned the woman, who was still in the passenger seat, holding a knapsack.
    The officer asked her to open the bag and allegedly smelled fresh marijuana. He asked her to turn the bag over, and when she did so, out fell a glass pipe and a can of potato chips, police reported. When the officer opened the can of chips, he allegedly found 12 red-tinted plastic bags of marijuana.
    The woman, Jasmine Stephens, who is 19 and lives in East Hampton, was charged with unlawful possession of marijuana and later released with a court appearance ticket.
    In other news, Miguel J. Bacolima-Barros, 39, of East Hampton was arrested on Feb. 27 after a woman who police said was his girlfriend came to town police headquarters with a bruised rib cage and pain in her neck where he had allegedly choked her earlier that evening.
    Mr. Bacolima-Barros was arrested and charged with criminally obstructing the ability to breathe and harassment in the second degree. After he was locked up, he began complaining of chest pains and was taken to Southampton Hospital. He was released after posting $250 bail.


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