On The Police Logs 03.01.12

A driver smacked down a stop sign at Abram’s Landing Road and Montauk Highway on Feb. 22 then drove off leaving an important clue behind, East Hampton Town police said. Her license plate was on the side of the road. According to police, when Marie V. Hayden was contacted by an officer, she told him she had swerved while reaching for her ignition interlock device and was unable to avoid the sign. Police informed the Town Highway Department, which replaced it.

East Hampton
On Feb. 22, Matthew Kulick of Carriage Lane reported to police that a Honda 50 minibike, worth $500, had been taken from a locked shed at the Three Mile Harbor Boatyard and that a $4,000 Yamaha outboard motor had been removed from a boat at the marina. Mr. Kulick notified the owners of the missing items.

East Hampton Village
East Hampton Village police disposed of a five-gallon container of turpentine found on Main Beach on Feb. 21, after learning of it from a caller.

Also on Feb. 21, village police responded to a report of a man driving in a drunken manner. When questioned, the driver told police that he had been cleaning the fog off the windshield. Police let him go.

A man reported to police that a black Ferrari had forced him off the road on Main Street on Feb. 22. Police investigated, but the Ferrari was not found.

A BMX bicycle that was left untended in the Waldbaum’s supermarket parking lot Saturday was reported missing by its owner. It was returned.

Police received a report on Sunday at 2 p.m. that a seal was in distress near Ocean Avenue. Police found the animal sunning itself on the jetty. No action was taken because it did not seem in trouble.

Sag Harbor
On Monday, according to Sag Harbor Village police, Harry Hurt of 25 Madison Street told officers that he was disturbed by the noise and vibrations coming from the ongoing construction at the former Bulova factory, and was unable to do his work. No action was taken.