She Had Nowhere Else To Go

    Two friends who drove from Massachusetts to spend a weekend in Montauk ended up spending a night in jail.    “I just needed a rest,” Kimberly L. Lojewski, 34, a resident of Northampton, Mass., said in a phone interview this week. She headed off to Montauk with a friend, Zachary R. Essig, 31, of Hatfield, Mass.
    On Feb. 13, at about 9 p.m., an East Hampton Town police officer spotted Mr. Essig driving a 2009 Toyota Prius on the shoulder of Montauk Highway before turning onto Essex Street and pulling into the skate park parking lot. The officer asked Mr. Essig to get out of the car. As he did so, police said, he was unsteady, holding onto the side of the car to stay standing. After performing unsatisfactorily on a roadside sobriety test he was taken off to jail, charged with two counts of driving while intoxicated.
    Ms. Lojewski said the arresting officer told her she had to leave the car. “When they booted me out of the car, I had nothing. No cell, no wallet.”
    Thinking the Prius was locked, she walked west on Montauk Highway until she came to the 7-Eleven, where she asked an employee to call police. She needed help getting back into the car, she said, because she had left her purse behind.
    An officer came. “He did take me back to the car,” she said, where she got her purse, only to find that her cellphone was dead. Not knowing where to go she wandered around, she said, and ended up outside the police station. There, according to police, she started kicking the side-door entrance. An officer told her to come in the front door. She entered, sat down on the couch, and said she wanted to spend the night there, police said.
    According to police, she was told repeatedly that she had to leave or face arrest for trespassing.
    “I didn’t think they would actually arrest me,” Ms. Lojewski said. She was wrong. After being charged with trespassing, she was taken to East Hampton Town police headquarters, where her purse was searched. Police reported finding a plastic jar inside containing two drugs, each classified as a controlled substance. She said on the phone that she had a prescription for them, and had put them into the jar because she was traveling.
    Her bail was set at $300, Mr. Essig’s at $500. Both posted bail in the morning.
    Weaving while driving and wobbly while walking landed an East Hampton man in jail just after midnight Saturday, East Hampton Village police said.
    Herson D. Rosales Camey, 26, of East Hampton was allegedly driving erratically when he was pulled over by an officer at the intersection of Buell Lane and Main Street. According to police, when Mr. Rosales Camey rolled down his window to talk to the officer, his speech was slurred and there was a strong smell of alcohol coming from the car. Getting out of the car, Mr. Rosales Camey was unsteady on his feet, and failed a sobriety test.
    He was arrested and charged with two felonies, aggravated operation of a motor vehicle and drunken driving, both after previous convictions, as well as three other felonies, one misdemeanor, and six moving violations.
    His bail was set at $10,000 and he was remanded to the Suffolk County sheriff’s office. The car was impounded.
    A Mustang weaving in Wainscott led to a marijuana arrest, East Hampton Town police said.
    According to police, a 2003 Ford Mustang was weaving in and out of traffic on Montauk Highway Saturday afternoon before rear-ending a car at the intersection of the highway and Wainscott Northwest Road. The driver of the Mustang, Agatha A. Zorawski, 24, of Huntington smelled of alcohol, police said, was unsteady on her feet, and fumbled through her wallet searching for her license. She reportedly failed a sobriety test.
    The responding officer allegedly saw a plastic bag of marijuana and a glass pipe on the dashboard. Ms. Zorawski was arrested and faces two charges of D.W.I. and one count of illegal possession of marijuana. Her bail was set at $300.