On the Police Logs 09.22.11

Someone took Richard Sullivan’s license plate from his car and swapped it with Edward Kleban’s during the night of Aug. 28, when the cars were parked on Bluff Road; the incident was reported last Thursday. Both men live nearby on Treasure Island Drive. Mr. Kleban, who also lives in Manhattan, told police he would return Mr. Sullivan’s plate to him soon.

East Hampton
Terri Gaines reported that three men in a black car with a large spoiler and tinted windows stopped in front of her on Middle Highway Sunday and threw a number of eggs at her car.
Leanne Logie’s iPhone 4, valued at $200, was stolen from a table in her front yard at Boatheader’s Lane during a yard sale on Saturday.
At a work site on Hand’s Creek Road, a Bostitch staple gun, a Makita saw, and a compressor, altogether worth $1,450, were taken Sept. 14 from a trailer belonging to Ermis Martinez of Sag Harbor. Mr. Martinez’s name is written on his tools in black permanent marker. A second trailer was dragged away from its location near the house and the lock was cut. Police found shoe prints underneath it. The thief also entered the house through a back window and took $400 worth of paintbrushes, tools, and a toolbox belonging to Taras Brativnyk of Riverhead. Shoe prints were visible from the window to the door.
Vandals hit the recreational facility on Stephen Hand’s Path on Sept. 12, stuffing the women’s toilet with a plastic bag filled with garbage and flooding the bathroom. Graffiti were left on the bathroom wall in black marker. The damage totaled $50.

East Hampton Village
A dog was running loose at Main Beach on Sept. 12, according to Matt Norklun. Police were unable to locate the dog, but notified the highway department that the sign indicating the rules of the beach as they pertain to dogs needs to be replaced.
Zack Desario reported an intoxicated man walking up and down Cooper Lane for 15 minutes on Sept. 13. He was gone when police arrived.
After William Link Jr. told someone not to block the sidewalk at Railroad Avenue on Sept. 14, they argued, he told police, and the person threw a cup of coffee on his car.
Water from a swimming pool was dumped onto Terbell Lane on Sept. 14. Police spoke with an employee of John Tortorella Pools and told him he could not drain pool water onto public streets. The man was issued a warning, and Mr. Tortorella was advised of the village code.
The owner of Lucy’s Whey told police that Jose Villa-Romero, who rents an apartment above the store, has blocked her North Main Street driveway more than once, and did so again last Thursday for about 20 minutes while he was taking a shower. The owner needed to leave to pick up her children, and was unable to. Police told Mr. Villa-Romero that if he does it again, the owner is within her rights to have his car towed.
Mollie Zweig of West End Road said that someone intentionally cut the rope fence she put up on her property, which extends onto Georgica Beach, on Saturday. When police arrived, the fence had been fixed.
A party was held Saturday on Hither Lane, and several neighbors called police to complain of loud noise. Police observed under-age drinking, and watched the woman in charge, a 24-year-old baby sitter, as she walked toward the house when they arrived. She told police she was unaware that kids were drinking in the backyard. Three summonses were issued for excessive noise, failure to obtain a mass assemblage permit, and possession of open alcoholic beverages. The father of the teen who threw the party said he would deal with the issue when he returned the next day from Boston.
Greg McKenzie reported loud music coming from East Hampton Bowl on Sunday. Police ascertained that the noise volume was elevated, and spoke with the manager, Ian Grossman. He said he would turn down the music and would end it after the song finished.
Six pairs of gold earrings, a pearl necklace, a platinum-guard wedding ring, a gold-leaf pin, a gold ring with a puma cat, a gold rope ring, and other jewelry, with a total value of $10,000, was stolen Sunday from Lynn Hummer’s dresser drawer at her house on Amy’s Lane. Ms. Hummer said there were painters working at the house during the week.

While working at the Tipperary Inn on Sept. 9, Joseph Rodriguez said he asked a co-worker, Richard Warme, to move so he could use the phone for business purposes, and Mr. Warme shoved him twice into a nearby door. Mr. Rodriguez went home and called police, who then spoke with Mr. Warme. He confirmed the details but also stated that Mr. Rodriguez was “very aggressive and charged past [him] in an attempt to get to the phone.” Both men agreed to stay away from each other.
Cathy Tobin said four charges were made on her A.T.M. credit card from Sept. 7 to Sept. 14, totaling $144.14. She told police she has not used the card since Sept. 7, when she made a purchase at White’s Pharmacy. Police advised her to contact her bank, terminate the card, and contest the charges.
John Bogetti said someone stole the cap to his gas tank, $70 value, on Sept. 14. It was on his hot dog wagon, parked at Ditch Plain Beach that day.
Someone made a 15-foot scratch on Robert Carey’s car on Sept. 10 after he left it in the lot at the Montauk Lake Club and Marina. Repairs will run $2,200, he told police.
In a similar though less costly incident, somebody took a black marker to Arthur Boyd’s truck, parked Friday on Soundview Drive. The Bohemia resident estimated damage at $100.
Juan Herrera said a Gurney’s Inn co-worker punched him in the face on Saturday after an argument. The assailant was asked by the inn’s security chief, Fernando Buitrago, to leave the premises, and he complied, though not before telling police that he had missed Mr. Herrera and struck the bag of ice he was carrying instead.

Sag Harbor
A cast-iron antique day bed valued at $1,800 was taken from the backyard of Ruby Beets on Sept. 14. Police noted damage to a gate as well.
Nadine Patterson of Walker Avenue left her son’s brown leather jacket, valued at $40, in her backyard when she went to pick him up last Thursday. When she returned, the jacket was gone. Ms. Patterson questioned neighbors, and they told her they are missing items as well.
A silver watch worth $70, $60 cash for a cancer fund-raiser, and another $85 in cash were stolen from Sophia Giania’s unlocked locker at Pierson High School on Friday.
Hollis Steele of Town Line Road reported a chimney fire there on Saturday. The Bridgehampton Fire Department extinguished the fire and cleared the scene. There was no damage.