On the Police Logs 09.15.11

An unwanted caller phoned Paul Del Favero’s mother and showed up at her house several times between Aug. 21 and Sept. 6. Mr. Del Favero, of Abram’s Landing Road, and his mother both told him to stop, and police strongly advised the same, after which he agreed.

Carolyn Hurley of Manhattan said someone used her unlocked rental Zipcar that was parked on Old Stone Highway on Sept. 5, and damaged it. Zipcar renters are instructed to leave the keys in the car and use a credit card to unlock and start it. Ms. Hurley told police she had attended a party at a nearby house that night, with 50 to 75 others present.

Nicholas Egleson’s driver’s-side car window was damaged Sunday in the Ocean Dunes parking lot on Bluff Road. The Manhattan man estimated the damage at $250.

East Hampton
The rear passenger window of Jose Mayorga’s parked pickup was smashed on Labor Day on Atlantic Street.

That same day, after using the grill on an outside deck at Wooded Oak Lane, Jaider Shergill of Manhattan poured water over the charcoal and left. He later saw the deck smoking. He was able to extinguish the fire quickly by himself, but damage to the deck and siding was estimated at $500.

Harold McMahon Jr. of Amagansett reported that galvanized aluminum leaders and gutters, with a combined value of $5,250, had been removed from a Montauk Highway building where he was working. The exterior trim was damaged in the process and will cost $500 to replace. The report came in on Sept. 7.

William H. Stafford III of Sulky Circle told police that a man left him a voice-mail message on Saturday over a civil dispute, saying he was “a violent guy, and if anyone comes to his house they would leave in a body bag.” Mr. Stafford wanted the incident on the record, and asked police to tell the man to stay away from him.

East Hampton Village
Someone driving a maroon pickup dumped brush on his property on Labor Day, Andrew Frankel of Briar Patch Road told police. A phone number and address in Springs might be linked to the litterer.

Another Labor Day report: Judy Feldman alerted police to a suspicious object sitting on Main Street near the westbound Jitney stop. Police discovered a suitcase with a note reading “Please do not take, I went for coffee and be right back for the Jitney.”

A kitten was stuck under a boiler at the Coach store on Newtown Lane Sept. 6. Police called wildlife rescue and someone came to help.

Several people reported a horse running loose on Montauk Highway near Green Hollow Road last Thursday. Police were able to lead the horse to a fenced-in area.

While cleaning the sidewalk on Main Street last Thursday, Michael Bouker noticed a large broken window at the AT&T store. Police determined that a piece of concrete had been thrown through the glass.

Four women were attempting to hitchhike on Egypt Lane near Pantigo Road last Thursday. When police arrived they were gone.

A caller complained of a man urinating on the Railroad Avenue sidewalk near Race Lane on Saturday. Police were unable to find him.

Police spotted an erratic driver on Montauk Highway near Baiting Hollow Road on Saturday. When she was pulled over on Main Street near Dayton Lane, she said she was returning home from a friend’s house and was tired. Police conducted sobriety tests, and she passed.    

At the Surf Lodge on Sept. 4, Heather Lilleston found her rear passenger window broken and her $150 iPod missing from the front passenger seat. A new window will cost $300.

Two unlocked Fit BMX bicycles, total value $1,600, belonging to Karen Alterio of Nesconset were stolen from the pool area at the Royal Atlantic Resort on Sept. 4.

Black designer reading glasses worth $850 and an iPhone 4G valued at $600, belonging to Gabriel Inchauspe of Manhattan, were lifted from a table at the Crow’s Nest on Sept. 2. Mr. Inchauspe forgot the items were on the table when he left the restaurant.

Three bottles of wine, together valued at $1,281.97, were stolen from Finest Kind Liquors on West Lake Drive on Sept. 6. Mike Lorolon, an employee, told police a man wearing a beige raincoat and a light brown backpack had asked several questions about rare vintages before making a purchase. He returned later and asked more questions. Finally, he brought a bottle of white wine to the counter, just as three people simultaneously entered the store. Mr. Lorolon walked to the back of the store and lost sight of the man, who ultimately did buy a small bottle of Bailey’s before leaving. Minutes later, Mr. Lorolon noticed two expensive bottles of red wine and a bottle of white, which the man had been carrying around earlier, all missing.

John Rothstein, the manager of the Surf Lodge, said he had received numerous e-mails and phone calls from Charlie Pokier between July 23 and Sept. 10, following a disagreement between Mr. Pokier and the bartender over drink prices. Mr. Rothstein said he had apologized several times to Mr. Pokier, but had declined a face-to-face meeting lest it become violent. According to Mr. Rothstein, Mr. Pokier calls the Surf Lodge at random, using inappropriate language to the employees. Police advised Mr. Rothstein to document future calls.   

Andres Salazar of First Street tried to buy a dog from rahabulldogs.com and was instructed to send the company $348 via Western Union on Sept.7. Mr. Salazar was then informed by a man with the company that he needed to pay an additional $1,000. He said he did not have the money, and was told he could send $500 instead. Mr. Salazar complied, but became suspicious. He discovered that the company was listed under several addresses in this country and Great Britain. When police called the company, someone hung up the phone. Mr. Salazar will press charges.