On the Police Logs 09.08.11

A man pretending to be the grandson of Teresa and William Praetorius of Captain’s Walk phoned them and said he had had a motorcycle accident in Madrid and needed $4,700 in U.S. currency. The couple complied and sent the money through Western Union. When Ms. Praetorius spoke with her grandson’s father, she was told that he was not in Spain, but was in college in Connecticut.

East Hampton
Larry Loeb of Manhattan and Farm Lane said that his East Hampton Town beach permit was removed from the window of his convertible on Aug. 29. He is not sure when it was taken, but realized it was missing when he received a parking summons at the beach.

Kyle Brewer returned on Aug. 25 to his parked vehicle on Pantigo Road to find a dent on the driver’s side and a footprint on top of the car. Mr. Brewer suspects an individual who is involved in a dispute with him and has been sending him offensive text messages as well. He will pursue criminal mischief charges.

Anthony Martone of Bell Road signed a FedEx delivery slip to allow a package to be left at his door. When nothing arrived between Aug. 16 and Aug. 30, he called FedEx and discovered that the package had been picked up at the store on Park Place by a man using his name. The order was for Hewlett-Packard laptops, valued at $2,335.40, from a company called Bill Me Later. Mr. Martone told the company he did not place the order, nor did he have the laptops.

Kimberly Notel discovered graffiti at the Maidstone Beach pavilion bathrooms on Aug. 31, spray-painted in red and black.

Building signs valued at $750 were taken from Treescape last Friday. Hal Feltman reported the theft.

East Hampton Village
A watch valued at $1,200, a vehicle registration, and $100 cash were taken from Robert Perone’s unlocked car, parked on Sherrill Road, on Aug. 30.

Also on Aug. 30 a traffic control officer reported a 2011 Nissan that was running, unlocked and unoccupied, on Park Place for about 20 minutes. Police arrived and turned off the ignition.

An anonymous caller said youths were skateboarding on a broken sidewalk on Mill Hill Lane on Aug. 30. Police approached a skater who said they had been skating earlier but had stopped. The youths were advised to stay off the sidewalk.

Two underage drinkers were caught with an open bottle of vodka on Main Street near Newtown Lane on Aug. 31. A summons was issued and the bottle was confiscated as evidence.

David Scheerer said his white surfboard, valued at $750, was stolen last Friday from the beach in front of his house on West End Road.

An officer noticed a White Goose tag sale sign at the corner of Toilsome Lane and Wireless Road last Friday. Abigail Cane of Caldwell, N.J., removed the sign as officers were writing out a citation.
Police noticed Michael Celentano of Ozone Park selling glow-in-the-dark necklaces near Highway Behind the Pond on Saturday. Mr. Celentano did not have a permit and was issued a summons for peddling on public property.

William Vassiles of Main Street said the driver of a silver S.U.V. was blocking his driveway on Saturday, and the two men got into a verbal dispute. The other man left, though not before backing up into Mr. Vassiles’s driveway and accelerating hard on his way out, tearing up the gravel.
Larry Dear of Cedar Street told police that his watch, which he valued at  $30,000, fell off his wrist while he was swimming in the ocean on Sunday near Main Beach.

A computer valued at $400 belonging to Martin Pitrun, as well as Peter Sedlacky’s laptop and iPod, together worth $1,000, were lifted from employee housing at Gurney’s Inn on Sunday while they were asleep. The door was left open, but neither man heard or saw anyone. Video surveillance was on the fritz due to the storm. Fernando Buitrago, head of security at Gurney’s, said that two suspects who were seen at the inn over the weekend have been fired for stealing property there.

A MacBook laptop valued at $2,000 and an E-ZPass were taken from a parked car belonging to Vanessa O’Brian of Locust Valley on Aug. 30.

Alice Houseknecht reported that a rock was thrown last Thursday through a glass bay window at the East Deck motel on Deforest Road.

A gray Ford pickup belonging to Joseph Termini of Melville was left parked overnight Friday at Ruschmeyer’s with the keys in it. When Mr. Termini came to retrieve his vehicle the next morning it was gone, along with seven surfboards, total value $5,750, that were in the back. Mr. Termini told police it was possible that a friend could have taken the truck, but no one has come forward as yet.

Sag Harbor
A three-horsepower Yamaha outboard valued at $1,000, an Obrian Wakeboard, value $500, and a six-gallon fuel tank worth $40 were taken from Forrest Barnett’s small rubber boat at Long Wharf on Aug. 30.

Sinead Abdool said $600 in cash and a silver necklace with a Buddhist charm, valued at $150, were removed from her purse, which was in her Bay Street apartment, on Aug. 30.
A six-gallon metal fuel tank belonging to Kenneth Deeg was lifted on Aug. 31 from the docks near Long Wharf. A new one will cost $45.
James Peyton’s 2001 black Nissan outboard, valued at $900, was stolen from his dinghy at the same docks.

Jenny Cabrera of Rosemarie’s Lane told police that her new Sony laptop, valued at $200, was stolen from her daughter’s bedroom in their unlocked house on Sunday.