On the Police Logs 09.01.11

East Hampton
A graphite fishing pole with a Shimano Stradic 4000 Reel, valued at $300, was snatched from the back of Thomas McMahon’s parked pickup at his Boatheader’s Lane house on Aug. 23.
Ian Kelleher of Knoll Lane saw a man wearing plaid shorts, a white T-shirt, and a hat looking into his bedroom through a glass door on Aug. 23. After checking the door, Mr. Kelleher found smudge marks and wet footprints on the deck. A beach bag and assorted clothing were missing from the bedroom, total value $100.

East Hampton Village
James Zirin of Lily Pond Lane reported speeding cars there on Aug. 22. Police were unable to locate the vehicles.
Taylor Smith spotted a dog running on Cooper Lane on Aug. 22. When police arrived, traffic on the street was backed up and the dog was in the middle of the road. It then bolted to a backyard and through an open back door into a house. It was determined that the dog lived at that house and had gotten out through the open door, and then escaped from the yard through a hole in the fence. Police secured the fence, and East Hampton Town Animal Control left a warning notice on the door for the owner about village and town dog ordinances.
An anonymous caller reported a white pickup driving erratically near Main Street and David’s Lane on Aug. 24. Police located the pickup, and the driver received a citation and a summons for vehicle equipment failure.
Margaret Skipper of Manhattan got her blue Mini Cooper stuck last Thursday at the entrance to Egypt Beach. Police let the air out of her tires, and she was able to back the car off the sand.
Two men got into a dispute over a $30 debt at Waldbaum’s last Friday. One pushed the other twice, and got punched in the face in return. Neither wanted to press charges.
Jill Davis of West End Road reported a “suspicious” man asking for donations last Thursday. When police arrived, Nicholas Maugeri of West Islip told them he was working with an environmental group, and produced an East Hampton Village permit. After police advised him that the permit expired at sunset, Mr. Maugeri said he thought he could solicit until 9 p.m., but that he would comply with the permit and stop at 7:30 p.m. or sundown.
Joseph Smith of Moriches put out a generator fire in his Verizon truck with his own fire extinguisher last Friday at the Main Beach parking lot. Verizon sent a tow truck for the vehicle.
Ana Silva of West Palm Beach, Fla., found a broken rear windshield wiper on her car, parked on Lumber Lane, last Friday. Damage was estimated at $300.
A monitor detected carbon monoxide at Mark Butler’s house on Laforest Lane on Monday. Firefighters determined that it was a false alarm, but detected a low level of oxygen in the house. They said it might have been caused by closed windows during Hurricane Irene.

Brendan Vilar of Fairview Avenue was eastbound on Fort Hill Road on Aug. 22 when he saw two men walking down the middle of the road.  According to Mr. Vilar, he yelled at the pair to move, and one of them turned around and threw a rock through the driver’s-side rear window of his Jeep Cherokee. A police officer noticed that the passenger-side rear window was also broken. Damage was estimated at $500.
The front windows and two side windows of John Bogetti’s 1994 Chateau trailer were damaged on Aug. 23 near the Beach Dog food truck at the Ditch Plain Beach parking lot. Repairs will cost $250.
A Diamondback white-and-gold bike valued at $350, belonging to Abbe Seidman’s daughter, was stolen from the family’s South Fairview Avenue driveway on Aug. 24. Ms. Seidman said her children had left their bikes in the driveway when they came inside for a snack. When they went back out the bike was gone.
Anne Templeton of Surfside Avenue said her mailbox, valued at $50, was damaged on Aug. 4.

Sag Harbor
A woman left her red Fisher Hybrid bicycle unlocked in front of the firehouse on Aug. 23. When she went outside to retrieve it, the bike was gone. She told police it was worth $999.
Denise O’Malley of Main Street reported graffiti on the front door of her apartment building on Friday, Aug. 26. Police are reviewing surveillance footage.

A hybrid black bicycle valued at $750, belonging to Constantine Baris of Locust Valley, was taken from the front of his summer house on Mary Street on Aug. 19. Mr. Baris told police he’d left the bike unattended for only 10 minutes.
East Hampton Village Detective Greg Brown noticed a man wearing a dark hoodie walking around the Shagwong Marina on Aug. 24. As the detective watched, the man boarded a white houseboat. Mr. Brown saw two other men near the boat and overheard one of them say, “We gotta get the fuck out of here.” The trio then took off running, toward the beach. Police, assisted by a K-9 dog, searched for their trail and found it, but lost it at the Maidstone Marina, behind Harbor Bistro. The houseboat, owned by Victor Strauss, had been ransacked.