On the Police Logs 08.11.11

East Hampton
Shanette Cohen of Atlantic Street said someone shot her house seven times on Friday with a paintball gun.
Two padlocked bikes valued at $300 were taken from Giacomo Gambino’s backyard on Cedar Drive between Aug. 1 and last Thursday.

East Hampton Village
A Suffolk County bus operated by Paul Schwartz of Coram was headed east on Montauk Highway on Aug. 1 with a banner that read, “Call the police/emergency.” Mr. Schwartz said he inadvertently hit the button that displayed the banner.
Robert Rattenni of Gingerbread Lane reported on Aug. 2 that someone  damaged a building he owns on 21 Newtown Lane. He said that the alleged suspects  wrecked the stucco siding and made graffiti behind his building. Mr. Rattenni has spent $7,500 on repairs.
Kristen Tulp’s son’s unlocked mountain bike, valued at $500, was taken from Old Beach Lane on Aug. 3.
Ben Krupinski of North Main Street told police that 11 three-foot light poles were knocked over in the parking lot of the building he owns at 2 Pantigo Road on Aug. 3. He said it will cost over $1,000 to fix the damage.
A man was caught sleeping in his car on Railroad Avenue near Race Lane on Friday. When police arrived the man said he did not want to drive and decided to take a nap. An officer called a taxi for the man, who was driven to Springs.
Javier Solis of West Palm Beach, Fla., left his Eddie Bauer nylon fanny pack in the bathroom on Saturday at the Gallery Valentine on 63 Main Street. When Mr. Solis returned to retrieve it, the pack, containing cash and miscellaneous items, was gone.
When Edward Matthews attempted to park Tracy Stein’s car on Newtown Lane on Saturday, an unknown woman banged the car with her hand, opened the passenger door, and informed Ms. Stein that she was saving the spot, according to police. They argued, and the woman left the scene after telling Ms. Stein that she “better watch her car.” Ms. Stein told police that the woman appeared intoxicated.

A rock was thrown through a glass French door on a vacant Montauk Highway building sometime between July 29 and Aug. 3, Arthur Trifari of Amagansett told police. Police inspecting the premises observed a large number of rocks in close proximity to the building. The door was valued at $500.
An unnamed man walked into the Shagwong Restaurant on July 30 and head-butted Christopher Coleman of Flagg Avenue while he was sitting on a bar stool, police said. Mr. Coleman said he fell to the floor, and the man was escorted from the bar by patrons and employees of the bar. Mr. Coleman told police that the man has had an issue with him for no apparent reason since July 15 and that the man is frequently intoxicated.
A blue beach cruiser with blue glitter handle grips, valued at $300, belonging to Lucy Jolis of East Lake Drive was taken from the Surf Lodge on Edgemore Street on July 30. Ms. Jolis said she saw a man ride away on the bike, but she thought he was just borrowing it.
A man threw a glass cup at Stephanie Kline of Montauk following a verbal dispute at the Montauk Yacht Club on Star Island Road, she told police. Shards from the glass hit Ms. Kline’s legs, resulting in minor cuts. According to police, club security said the altercation may have been precipitated by Ms. Kline spitting at the man.
Christina Black of Brisbane Road was surfing at Ditch Plain Beach last Thursday when her wallet, including $500 and her New York driver’s license, was lifted from her bag. Later that day, Ms. Black discovered her empty wallet in the public bathroom at the beach.  
An American flag, a P.O.W. flag, and a Support Our Troops flag, valued at $250, were stolen from Kathleen Kubik’s flagpole on Soundview Drive between July 31 and last Thursday, she told police.

After Mario Pucha Monge of Oceanview Avenue in Springs left his wallet on the counter at Montoya Communications on Springs-Fireplace Road on Aug. 3, a man removed $200 from it and then handed it to the clerk, according to police. The suspect was caught on video removing the cash, and police contacted him and asked him to return it.