Beach IDs Summon Help

    A beach-identification numbering system put into place this year — the result of efforts by the Amagansett Beach Safety Advisory Committee —came into play twice over the weekend, when 911 callers were able to describe to dispatchers their exact location along the ocean shore.
    J.P. Foster, an East Hampton Village Police dispatch supervisor who worked with the committee and with Town Police Chief Eddie Ecker to implement the new system, said that when a caller reporting an injury told him they were unsure as to which ocean beach they were at, he told them to check the sign now posted at the beach access point, which identified the beach, number 9A, at Deerfield and Marine Boulevard in Beach Hampton.    
    During a second call on Sunday, to report that someone had been injured in the surf, the dispatchers were able to relay to emergency responders that help was needed at beach 12A, at Maidstone Drive in Beach Hampton.
    The identification signs have been posted at the boardwalks and paths leading to unguarded ocean beaches, as well as on the dune side, and the town police and marine patrol, lifeguards, ocean rescue squad members, and others involved in assisting those in trouble are keyed into the system.
    Also this week, in another effort to increase the ability to respond to emergencies on the beach, the town accepted a donation from the Hampton Lifeguard Association of an all-terrain vehicle for use by town lifeguards.