Attacks On Wildlife

    The reward for finding who pierced Pierce — the nickname bestowed on a turtle that was found in Sag Harbor on July 5 with a tenpenny nail pushed all the way through his carapace and belly — just got bigger.
    Because of a jump in donations to the Suffolk County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the ante has been upped from $1,000 to $12,500 for nailing the person who would do such a thing.
    The momentum behind the increase came when a swan was shot through with an arrow in Riverhead earlier this week.
    According to a press release from the county S.P.C.A., “due to public outrage, donations have poured in and the rewards for information leading to the arrest and conviction” of those responsible have shot up.
    The bounty on the head of the swan shooter has risen to $11,000.
    In a statement, Roy Gross, chief of the S.P.C.A., said he was “particularly disturbed by the recent premeditated acts of abuse against innocent wildlife.”
    Both the turtle and the swan are recovering under the care of the Evelyn Alexander Wildlife Rescue Center in Hampton Bays.
    In yet another attack on a bird, a seagull was apparently lured toward the Royal Atlantic Motel in Montauk with promises of bread, then hit with a brick by a hotel guest. The bird succumbed to its injuries. There is a $1,000 reward on the head of the gull killer.
    The Suffolk County S.P.C.A. has asked anyone with information to call 382-7722. All calls will be kept confidential.