On the Police Logs 07.21.11

Two hundred dollars was taken from the register at Whitmore’s nursery and flower shop on Montauk Highway between Friday and Saturday, according to Chini Alarco. Several people in the store and a few employees had access to the drawer with the money in it during that time.

East Hampton
A mailbox valued at $70 joined five others clustered on Ely Brook to Hand’s Creek Road in being knocked down last Thursday, Gail Meyers of Short Lane reported. She said she heard a long banging of metal and two men laughing.
Charges totaling $433.87 were made on a Suffolk County National Bank card belonging to Jeanne McGuire of Glade Road between Friday and Sunday. Two charges were made at a B.J.’s discount store in Maryland, and two others were made at a mini-mart also in that state. Ms. McGuire said she does not know anyone in Maryland.
The rear window of Monica Guillen’s car was shattered on July 13. The car was parked in her yard on Queen’s Lane. She estimated the damage at $250.
A man came to Michael Angel’s house on Alewife Brook Road on Friday and called him “a fag,” he told police. The incident concerned an alleged lack of a building permit. After yelling and using profanity, the man left.

East Hampton Village
David Sandberg of Westhampton tried to get on a train through an open window as the train was pulling away from the station on Railroad Avenue on July 13. Police said he was intoxicated, but Mr. Sandberg was allowed to board the next train.
Two pieces of 4-by-8-foot plywood, together valued at $36, were taken from the rear door area of the UPS store on Newtown Lane on July 11, the store manager, Greg Simmons, reported.
A car alarm sounded all day on July 13 on Lumber Lane, complained Kenneth Lockard, who lives on nearby Pleasant Lane. Police alerted the taxi company that owns the 2001 Dodge Caravan.
Several youths were pointing a laser at people on Ocean Avenue, Suzanne Driscoll of Squires Path, East Hampton, told police on Friday. When police arrived, the perpetrators were nowhere to be found.
A yellow cab was picking up fares without a permit on Main Street on Friday. The cab was gone by the time police arrived.
A man reported illegally posted yard sale signs on Newtown Lane on Saturday. Police spoke to Victor Borisov and he removed the signs.
Oscar Cascante said a man driving a mail truck sped up and almost hit him as he left the post office on Gay Lane on Saturday. Mr. Cascante’s car was parked at the CVS pharmacy at the time.
Jeffrey Goldstein of Manhattan and East Hampton was selling and giving away flip-flops and other items outside his business on the Circle on Saturday. Police spoke to him about the zoning code and told him to stop.
Joseph Palazzolo reported fireworks going off near his house on David’s Lane on Sunday.

Someone swiped $4 off the counter at a store on Main Street on Sunday and ran out the door, Christina Albronda reported. When police arrived the cash had been returned.
Ben Hogan of Bethgate Road told police that someone dumped bags of garbage on Montauk Highway near his property line sometime between June 27 and July 4. An address in Smithtown was retrieved from an envelope in the trash.
Maria Quiguri of East Gate Road left the keys in her unlocked car and someone drove it between Saturday and Sunday. The car was returned covered in mud and with trash inside it.