Also on the Logs

An Apple iPhone 4 valued at $739 was pickpocketed from Samuel Berry of Manhattan at the Stephen Talkhouse nightclub on Main Street on June 11. Mr. Berry said he was able to trace the phone to an address in Queens.

East Hampton
A white racing bicycle with black lettering and white tape around the handlebars was stolen from a yard on Spinner Lane last Thursday. The bike’s owner, Heidi Wald of Manhattan, said it was worth $1,500.

East Hampton Village
Askali Nehran, an employee at the American gas station on Montauk Highway, reported a suspicious vehicle parked there on July 4. Its driver, Gregory Quinlan of Smithtown, told police he was just resting after driving all day from upstate New York to get to Montauk.
An Apaquogue Road resident complained that a landscaper was working too loudly on nearby Lee Avenue at noon on July 4. Police spoke to Roberto Ramos of Sag Harbor and he agreed to stop.
Also on the Fourth of July, police questioned Joseph Dangelo of Williamsburg, Va., who was walking on Main Street in soaking wet clothes and covered in sand. Mr. Dangelo said he had gone for a swim in the ocean and was on his way to catch the train to Montauk.
Police responded to a complaint that same day that a man was taking off his clothes on Main Street. James Otis Kelley, who lives in Washington, D.C., said he was not undressing and did not even have other clothes to change into.
Brett Potter, a Brooklyn resident, admitted to police that he had purchased fireworks and then set them off on Georgica Close Road on July 4. His remaining fireworks were confiscated, and he was issued a violation.
A wallet was stolen from Maysha Thompson while she used a restroom at Citarella on July 5. The East Hampton resident found it in front of London Jewelers a short distance away, but her Social Security card and $280 in cash were missing.
Jessica Lehnhoff spotted a possibly injured baby swan in Town Pond last Thursday. Police called a wildlife rehabilitation center.
Two swans were on Camilla Jewett’s lawn on Main Street Saturday. When police arrived, the swans had already found their way back to the pond.

Beth Sloane of Dix Hills said she suspected that a squatter had been living in her house on South Elroy Drive between May 24 and July 2. At 7:45 on the first night, the individual ordered a pornographic movie on Ms. Sloane’s TV. No items were reported stolen, but Ms. Sloane said her electricity bill had increased over the time in question. Fingerprints could not be found because Ms. Sloane had cleaned all the smooth surfaces in the house.
Someone sprayed purple spray-paint on the side of a truck belonging to Thomas Staubitser of North Farragut Road between May 29 and July 4. It was parked near the Montauk Shores clubhouse on Deforest Road at the time. The damage was estimated at $100. A security camera recorded two men committing the vandalism.
An iPhone valued at $395 was taken from Jennifer Davis of Canton, Mich., while she was at Solé East on June 12. She had left her bag under the table while she went to the restroom.
Lee Beiler of Homeward Lane reported that a golf cart from the Montauk Lake Club had been crashed into his mailbox on July 1. He heard a loud noise followed by the voices of people running down the road, he said. Empty beer cans were left in the cart.
A copy of a will hidden in a piano and a checkbook were taken from Robert Dugan’s house on Miller Avenue on July 2. The locks on the house were not tampered with, he said.
A wood-and-metal bench outside When Pigs Fly, a restaurant on South Etna Avenue, was damaged by two youths, Drita Mushkolaj reported on July 5. One of the accused said it was an accident. Police told the two to steer clear of the area.
A mountain bike belonging to Anne Weinrich of Kettle Hole Road was snatched from the back of Joni’s restaurant on South Etna Avenue last Thursday. Ms. Weinrich said the bike was black, rusted, had a lock on it, and was worth $50. The owner of Joni’s, Joni Brosnan of Seaview Avenue, also reported a bicycle stolen that day — her blue Schwinn, valued at $500.
Two pairs of shoes, a Bettie Page watch, and a Marilyn Monroe clock, worth $185 in all, were reported stolen from Whoa Nellie on Montauk Highway Friday, according to the shop’s owner, Linda Seaton of Noyac.
A mailbox belonging to Catherine Rosati on East Lake Drive was dented on Friday. She said it was the third such occurrence in the past year.
An Apple iPod Touch valued at $200 and $150 in cash belonging to Neil Beirne were taken from Zorba’s Inn on West Lake Drive on Saturday. Someone cut a screen and entered through an unlocked window. Cabinet doors were flung open and clothing and other items were tossed on the floor.
An Ameritrade debit card and $600 in cash belonging to Nicole Evans were stolen Saturday from the Ocean Inn on South Emerson Avenue. Ms. Evans said the items were taken from her handbag, which she had left on the bed in her room. There was no sign of forced entry.
Jeff Russell’s bicycle was stolen from the Surf Lodge Sunday. The gray Phat Beach Cruiser had been locked to a fence. He said it was worth $270.
An iPhone worth $175 was taken from Stefan Yocom of South Gulf Road while he was working on the Flying Cloud fishing boat on Sunday. When the boat was headed to shore, Mr. Yocom put the phone in the crew storage area, but after the boat had been docked, it was gone.

On Sunday a $450 RedMax backpack leaf blower and $1,000 in cash were stolen from Mike Kramer, who runs Mike’s Motors on Meehan Terrace. He said someone entered his house through a window in the back and found the cash in a drawer near his bed. The leaf blower was taken from the backyard.
Monica Tejedor of Three Mile Harbor Road told police that on June 28 someone put water in her car’s gas tank. The car was towed to the Toyota dealership in Riverhead, where she was told a repair to the fuel system would cost $493. Pry marks were found around the door to the gas cap.