On the Police Logs 07.07.11

A person she knew threw ice at her while they were both at the Stephen Talkhouse bar on June 29, Jewel Feldman of East Hampton told police the following day. She gave police the name of the person, whom police did not identify in a report. An officer told the purported ice thrower not to text, call, e-mail, or otherwise annoy Ms. Feldman.
Not knowing the way to “Springs Drive” angered a fare who had sought a ride in a taxi driven by Ibrar Akhtar, he told police on Sunday shortly before 1 a.m. The would-be rider struck Mr. Akhtar in the face before jumping out of the cab and running into Amagansett Square. Police did not find anyone matching the suspect’s description.
Police heard from Ray Hartjen on Saturday that signs at the Marine Museum on Bluff Road had been knocked down and broken into pieces. The damage was noticed last Thursday at about 4 p.m., though it likely took place the night before.

East Hampton
Persons unknown appeared to try to enter Susan Vorpahl’s Susan Lane house recently by prying open a screen window, she told police on Friday. Repairs were estimated at $30.
Mark M. Wesnofske of Three Mile Harbor Road said that a 1996 Yamaha dirt bike he had chained to a tree outside his house during December in the hope of attracting a buyer had drawn the notice of thieves instead. He told police on June 25 about two people he believed had taken the $1,600 motorcycle. A search of an unidentified suspect’s backyard did not produce the missing Yamaha, police said.
Huong Duong said to police on June 25 that someone calling himself or herself Bonac Dognapper had posted a photograph of her missing black terrier-shepherd mix on Facebook. She gave police the name of a suspect.

East Hampton Village
Three bags of assorted groceries left in front of Bucket’s Deli on Newtown Lane last Thursday prompted its owner, Everett Griffiths, to phone police. An officer took the bags to headquarters and stored them in a refrigerator in case someone claimed them.
A passenger disembarking at the train station Friday evening told a patrol officer that he had mistakenly taken luggage from the train that he thought was his girlfriend’s but belonged to another rider. The officer took the bag to police headquarters, where it was placed in the lost and found.
First responding to a complaint shortly after midnight Friday, police told a manager at the Beachhouse restaurant that music there was being played too loudly. The volume was lowered. Police left with a warning that a citation would result if they had to return. At 1 a.m. Saturday another complaint came in, and an officer issued a summons to Michael Gluckman, the restaurant’s owner. The music was turned off for the rest of the evening.

A wooden gate and a window screen were damaged at his property sometime between June 3 and 21, William Bailey of Navy Road told police on June 22. A survey marker in the yard was taken, he said.
Eva Iooss of Deforest Road told town police last Thursday that she had confronted an unidentified man riding her bicycle in her driveway. He said he had found the bike and was returning it to her. Ms. Iooss told him that she would press charges if he returned.
A Sony digital camera, an iPod Touch, and $297 in cash were discovered missing by three guests at the Ocean Beach Hotel on Emerson Avenue late Friday. Samantha Negri of South Setauket told police Saturday morning that she had been on the beach with friends and that when they returned to the room that night around 11:30, the items had apparently been taken, perhaps by someone who left two pairs of shorts and a pair of boxer underwear behind. They noticed the theft as they were packing up in the morning.
Town and Country Real Estate on Montauk Highway experienced damage to a window during the evening of June 24, an employee of the agency told police. A circular pattern about two inches in diameter from an unknown projectile was observed.
Sometime late last week, Mary Goeke of Surfside Avenue told police that her $400 Electra Coaster bicycle was taken from her driveway. She filed a report Friday.
Turquoise paint and a basket and bell were the distinguishing characteristics of a $469 Giant bicycle that Chelsea A.T. Leyland told police was taken from Ruschmeyer’s Inn on Second House Road on Sunday.
Carol Lagstein of Pomona, N.Y., told police on June 28 that her red bicycle worth $300 was stolen from outside her condominium at the Windward Shores Resort between June 24 and 28.

Tracy Torres of Hildreth Place called police after she was struck in the face during an argument last Thursday. She gave police the name of the person she said hit her but declined to press charges.