On the Police Logs 06.23.11

Norman Harrington of Jacqueline Drive discovered 12 feet of copper piping, valued at $17.56, missing from his outdoor shower on June 11. Mr. Harrington told police he closed his house in November for the winter, but checked on it once a month.
A patio umbrella valued at $200 was taken from Margaret Cotters’s house on Ocean Lane between June 13 and last Friday.

East Hampton
Irving Benson of Landfall Road informed police on June 14 that three rhododendrons, valued at $750 in all, were missing from his property near North Woods Lane. The plants were there when he left the house to play golf, he said, but gone when he returned.
A liquor license was lifted from the Lily Pond club on Three Mile Harbor Road sometime over the past six months. Roderick Diamont of Rocky Point told police he had last seen the license in January, when it was displayed behind the bar.
Mailboxes were knocked down in the area of Red Fox Road on June 11, along with a deer-crossing sign. Police repositioned the mailboxes.

East Hampton Village
Daniel Habe of Whooping Hollow Lane informed police that someone scratched the hood of his 2004 Jeep that was parked on Fithian Lane near Main Street on June 13.
A turtle was on its way across Egypt Lane near Further Lane on June 13 when Frank Casaler spotted it and called police. The turtle was no longer in the road when an officer arrived.
Matt Norklun reported a dog on Georgica Beach on June 13. When police arrived, the animal was a mile and a half west, and was determined to be in town jurisdiction. No action was taken.
Juan Sabastin was involved in a verbal dispute with Oscar Paredes at Lily Pond Lane on June 14. Mr. Sabastin told police that Mr. Paredes, his co-worker, was bossing him around. Mr. Paredes said he told Mr. Sabastin to get to work, and then an argument ensued. Both men agreed to stay away from each other.
Sheldon Hills of Georgica Road made a noise complaint about Alphonso Meringolo delivering topsoil on June 15 at 6:21 a.m. Mr. Meringolo was told by police to wait until after 7 a.m. to unload the remaining four trucks.
The owner of Medusa on Park Place informed police that a penis was drawn on the sign in front of his store with a black marker on June 15. This is the second occurrence.
A transformer on McGuirk Street was arching after lightning struck on Friday. Police confirmed the damage upon arrival and discovered wires on the ground. The Long Island Power Authority was notified and responded. The power was back on later.
A man wearing a blue shirt, blue baseball hat, and tan shorts was caught urinating on the sidewalk near the I.G.A. on North Main Street Saturday. Police determined the man was highly intoxicated and unsteady on his feet.
Herbert Dooskin of Cove Hollow Road informed police that a man wearing a white shirt and blue shorts was sleeping in his front yard on June 19. The man left before police arrived.
Reed Krakoff of Further Lane reported Alex Verdugo of Albertine’s Lane, East Hampton, for cutting hedges on Middle Lane near Cross Highway Sunday at 11:35 a.m. Police told Mr. Verdugo that he was not allowed to cut hedges in the village during this time, and he was given a copy of the dates and times that he is allowed to do so.

There was a Dumpster fire on June 8 at the Montauk Marine Basin on West Lake Drive. No criminal cause was found.
Jorge Kusanovic of Edison Drive reported that a portable toilet, valued at $500, at the Montauk state park on Essex Street was marked up with graffiti between June 11 and June 12. Over the past weekend graffiti artists also hit the men’s restrooms next to Lions Field on Edgemere Street.
George Sommerville of South Emerson Avenue reported the theft of four blue Schwinn bikes from the Montauk Yacht Club on June 12. Later that day, he spotted two of the bikes at the Surf Lodge and called police. Kelly and Whitla Colin of South Edgemere Street, who were in possession of the bikes, told police they had paid $30 apiece for them to a man standing in front of the Sloppy Tuna. The bikes were returned to Mr. Sommerville. The Colins said they knew nothing of the other two missing bikes, valued at $500. Their serial numbers start with SNFSD.
A water balloon fight during the Blessing of the Fleet on June 12 resulted in an eye injury for Timothy Lucas of Fairview Avenue. Mr. Lucas was on the Ocean Spirit, outside Montauk Harbor, when a water balloon thrown from the Sequel 2 hit him and broke a bone near his left eye socket. Mr. Lucas plans to seek reimbursement of medical expenses from the boat’s owners.
Wendi Blair’s mountain bike, valued at $250, was taken from outside Liars’ Saloon on West Lake Drive last Thursday night. The black-and-silver bike has two “Montauk” stickers and a yellow flashlight mounted near the handlebars.
Fishing equipment valued at $1,600 was taken from Eugene Ducas’s boat at the Montauk Marine Basin sometime between Nov. 25 and Christmas Day. Mr. Duca wanted the theft on record for insurance purposes.
An olive-green ocean kayak, valued at $750, belonging to Paul Milbauer of Navy Road, was taken from a beach near his house between Saturday and Sunday. Mr. Milbauer told police he had left it near a split-rail fence that separates the town beach from the private beach. A caretaker and a neighbor both saw a large pickup in the area late that evening.
A wallet containing $1,100 in cash and another with multiple credit cards were taken from Christopher Courtright’s boat, the Offshore, docked at the Montauk Yacht Club over the weekend. The cabin was unlocked, and the wallets were lifted from a drawer under a bunk.
Margaret Becker, a historian at the Second House Museum, informed police that a black metal antique pot, two flowering plants, and a master key, together valued at $100, were stolen over the weekend. One plant was ripped out from its clay pot; the one in the antique pot was taken intact. The key was underneath that pot. If someone attempts to enter the museum with the missing key an alarm will sound.
Konstantinos Liappas of New York City needed medical treatment after an altercation with a stranger Sunday at the Surf Lodge on Edgemere Street. The situation escalated, and the man bit Mr. Liappas on his left thumb. The assailant fled the scene in a cab.  

Juan Marulanda of Woodbine Drive returned from a six-month vacation on June 6 to find his Nissan Pathfinder gone. A friend told him he had looked on as a mutual acquaintance was arrested while driving the car. Mr. Marulanda had given permission for the man to drive the car in the past, though this was apparently the first time he had done so. The vehicle was impounded, and Mr. Marulanda will press charges.
Someone tossed a rock through the front window of Springs Pizza on Springs-Fireplace Road during the night of June 12, breaking a single window pane and cracking a neon “Open” sign inside the store. The rock landed on a counter and was collected as evidence by the police. The damage was assessed at $280.
Three bikes, valued at $300, were stolen from Leon Falk of Wainscott Hollow Road between June 5 and June 6. A silver bike parked outside Mr. Falk’s unlocked shed was taken, along with a light-blue bike with white lettering and a blue bike with a child’s seat that were inside the shed.
Morgan Coleman of West Gate Road was harassed by an unknown woman on June 8, she told police. Ms. Coleman said she was attempting to remove uninvited guests from her property when the woman attacked her, pulling her hair, scratching her forehead, and punching her.