On the Police Logs 06.16.11

East Hampton
Juan Marquina of Whooping Hollow Road and Sara Palma of Washington Avenue received text messages and harassing phone calls from the same phone number on June 6, they told police. Because of the details mentioned in the texts, Ms. Palma said she believes the caller was a former friend that she had stopped seeing when she began dating Mr. Marquina.
Both the suspect and her husband told police that they did not text or call Ms. Palma. All parties were advised to cease contact.
A black-and-white framed photograph valued at $4,500 was taken from Edward Wilkerson’s Hedges Banks Drive house while he was on vacation between May 2 and 15, he told police. Mr. Wilkerson said he found two doors unlocked when he returned home. A general contractor who was working on the house during that time told police that Mr. Wilkerson had taken the photo to the city. Mr. Wilkerson claims he did not.
Rob Kalbacher at Kalbacher Auto told police on June 7 that he receives several calls a week from a woman who screams on the phone about a non-business-related topic. Deborah King, a secretary at the shop, said the caller is very angry and uses vulgar language over the phone. Mr. Kalbacher said he has asked the caller to refrain from calling the office again, but she continues to do so.
Police left a message for the suspect, and Mr. Kalbacher told them he will press charges if the calls do not stop.
Jonathan Wormhoutt of Route 114 told police that his metal mailbox with a wood post, valued at $200, was damaged between Friday and Saturday.
Officer Barry Johnson reported that a queen-size box spring was dumped on North Main Street near Indian Hill Road on Saturday. The East Hampton Highway Department was contacted to get rid of it.
East Hampton Village
After Chris Talmage hit a gas line at 122 Main Street with a back hoe on June 6, National Grid arrived and turned off the main gas line. The East Hampton Fire Department responded as well.
A raccoon got itself stuck in a trash can at the Nature Trail on David’s Lane on June 7, and was unable to get out. By the time police responded, the raccoon had already emancipated itself.
A man reported an erratic driver in a Ford van with Pennsylvania plates on Stephen Hand’s Path near Montauk Highway on June 7. Police apprehended the driver, who told them he was unfamiliar with the area. No further action was taken.
Jane Sullivan of Gingerbread Lane informed police on June 8 about a light blue mountain bike that had been parked by her house for two days. The bike is now in police possession in the property closet.
Shelia Sexton of Fort Lauderdale, Fla., called police about a child locked in a car last Thursday on Park Place. By the time police arrived, Ms. Sexton had unlocked the car. The child was unharmed.
Matt Norklun contacted police on Friday about a woman walking her dog on Georgica Beach during restricted hours. Police located the dog walker, issued a summons, and told her to take her dog off the beach.
David Vauher of Huntting Lane heard loud party noise coming from the Circle near Main Street on Friday. Police were not able to locate the alleged party.
A Long Island Power Authority transformer sent sparks flying on Saturday according to Carlos Echanis of Dayton Lane. When police arrived, the transformer was silent, and there were no power outages in the vicinity. LIPA was notified.

Hank Lackner called police on Sunday after he found a someone sleeping in his boat. The boat was dry-docked in the parking lot across from the Viking dock on West Lake Drive. The person left without incident, and Mr. Lackner decided not to press charges.
Maria Marine of New York City left her blue and silver mountain bike, valued at $100, unlocked at the Neptune Motel on South Euclid Avenue on June 5. When she woke up the next day, the bike was missing.
A man claiming to be the nephew of Bargra Lagarenne of Shore Drive East asked her to send $2,500 to an address in Barcelona, Spain, via Western Union last Thursday. Ms. Largarenne did not comply, and called police to have the incident documented.
While eating dinner at the Dock restaurant on West Lake Drive last Thursday, Ali Wojtusiak of South Forest Street and Russell Wojtusiak of Beverly Hills, Calif., were verbally assaulted by her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend, who also punched her left arm, she told police. The assailant was escorted from the restaurant.

A grease fire broke out at Kevin Reynolds’s house on Woodcock Lane while he was cooking french fries. The Springs Fire Department responded and put out the fire. Smoke was vented from the house, and the stove was taken outside.
A 32-foot aluminum extension ladder, valued at $300, and a 10-foot fiberglass folding stepladder, valued at $200, were taken from William Preller’s Springs-Fireplace Road front yard between June 8 and Friday. Both items had been propped along his fence in the front yard for the past two years. A man who installed a fence at the property for her landlord on June 4 told police he had not noticed that ladders on that day.