On the Police Logs 06.09.11

East Hampton
While making repairs for R.B. Irrigation, Brett Zaugg of Medford saw a broken basement window and an open Bilco door at a house on Ely Brook Road on May 26. Police discovered the front door open as well. Someone had rummaged through a dresser in the master bedroom, and a jewelry box was on the bed. The owners of the house could not be immediately reached.
A circular saw, valued at $150, a driver’s license, and a health insurance card were taken from a car belonging to Jose Ortigoza of Abraham’s Path between May 25 and 26 while he was at a doctor’s appointment.
Brita Edman of Ely Brook Road left her car unlocked in her driveway, and a global positioning system, valued at $40, wireless headphones, $25, books and CDs, $315, were taken between May 25 and 26.

East Hampton Village
Police Chief Gerard Larsen reported a possible dead or injured deer on Railroad Avenue on May 28. The officer who responded found that the deer was dead and not obstructing the railroad tracks and contacted the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, which said it would send someone to handle it.  
On May 30, Lisa Walker spotted a large turtle on Egypt Lane near Further Lane. When police arrived, the turtle had made it to the grass by the shoulder of the road. Lester Baylinson from the Wildlife Rescue Center of the Hamptons took the turtle away.
The next day, Laurie Schrucker of Bridgehampton called police about a sick raccoon on Main Street. The responding officer confirmed her assessment, and wildlife rescue was contacted. When no one arrived to remove it, the officer killed the raccoon and disposed of it.
A woman on Pantigo Road reported receiving two harassing phone calls from a man from Palm Beach, Fla., and Egypt Close Road on June 1. The caller was apparently unhappy with how she treats her construction manager, who is a friend of his. He yelled at the woman and called her “white trash,” she told police, then called again, threatened to come over and hurt her, uttered a profanity, and then hung up. The man told police he remembered making the calls, but not what was said. The two were told not to speak to each other; both agreed.
Johanna Caleca informed police on June 1 that a man in front of White’s Pharmacy on Main Street was offering to hold people’s bags while they shopped. When police arrived, he was gone.
A Waldbaum’s employee told police that a female co-worker pushed a cart into his back and threw bleach on him last Thursday. He did not require medical attention, but he wanted the incident documented, he said.
Police received a call about an erratic dirt bike driver passing cars on Amy’s Lane near Pantigo Road last Saturday. The driver was not found.
A manager at Obligato on Main Street reported that a woman with blond hair shoplifted a “bombshell” bright pink dress, valued at $310, on Saturday.
Matt Harnick of Egypt Close heard possible gunshots or fireworks near his house on Saturday, he told police. No suspects were found.
James McNally reported an erratic driver in a black sport utility vehicle on Stephen Hand’s Path near Montauk Highway Sunday. Police caught up with the driver, who told them he was tired. No action was taken.

A Nezzy Surfboard, valued at $600, belonging to John Yashinowsky of Greenwich Street was taken from the East Deck Parking lot at Ditch Plain on May 31. There were numerous people in the vicinity, but Alice Houseknecht, the owner of the East Deck Motel told police she did see anything suspicious.

An Insignia 32-inch TV, valued at $400, and a Sony laptop worth $1,000 were stolen from Francisco Mejia and Max Barmao’s Three Mile Harbor-Hog Creek Road house on June 1. Mr. Mejia left for work at 7 a.m. through the front door and locked it behind him; Mr. Barmao left for work at 8 a.m. through the back door and left it unlocked, they told police. When the men returned from work at the end of the day, they noticed the missing items.
On May 22, Eric Casale, the principal of the Springs School, informed police that someone had repeatedly entered the school’s greenhouse without permission. This time several plastic flower pots were broken and a soap mixture was sprayed on some plants, an estimated damage of $100. Mr. Casale asked for more police presence in the area.

Giovanni Caracci of East Gate Road told police his phone, Internet, and cable wires were cut between May 1 and May 28. The cable company repaired the damage for $81.90 at Mr. Caracci’s expense.
Roberta Saft of Springwood Court told police that several items, including her vehicle registration, insurance card, and reading glasses, were taken from her car between May 24 and Friday. Her car was broken into a second time and some cassettes, flares, and a flashlight disappeared.
Monica Torres of Thomas Avenue reported that $300 worth of lingerie was taken from her dresser drawer on Saturday. Her roommates were not missing any items. The last one to leave the house said she had locked both doors. When Ms. Torres arrived home later that evening, the back door was closed and unlocked, as was her bedroom window.
A high-wheel cultivator with wooden handles, a green metal wheel, and a green cultivating hook belonging to Stuart Vorpahl of Muir Boulevard was stolen between May 30 and May 31. Mr. Vorpahl left his cultivator in the garden overnight with plans to finish up work the next day. The old machine has sentimental value, he told police. The cost to replace it is approximately $120. This is not the first item to have disappeared from Mr. Vorphal’s property.