On the Police Logs - 06.02.11

On May 6, Nick Priola of Pintail Lane arrived home to find an unfamiliar man in his house. Police found the man in the area, accompanied by a woman. Nothing was taken from his house, and Mr. Priola did not press charges.
William Good of Captain’s Walk noticed that his car’s gas door was open and its gas cap had been removed on May 23. He told police that the evening before he had had a full tank, but that nearly half of it had disappeared.
The Beach Hut on Atlantic Avenue was broken into sometime after closing Saturday or early Sunday, Susan Seekamp, its owner, told police. Though a padlock and hinges were ripped from the door frame, nothing appeared to have been taken.

East Hampton Town
Lisa Ellis of Settlers Landing Lane in Northwest Woods was made aware on May 23 that there is a Facebook page with her name on it inviting viewers to fake auditions. A woman attempted to attend one of these “auditions” for a fee, and informed Ms. Ellis of the scam. Ms. Ellis said someone is using her name to lure people in. Police advised Ms. Ellis to make an Internet crime complaint.
Melissa Tiska of Daniel’s Hole Road received approximately 15 harassing phone calls from a man on May 22. The suspect used profane language, and Ms. Tiska heard offensive music in the background. When Ms. Tiska informed the suspect that she was going to call the police, the calls stopped.

East Hampton Village
Matt Norklun of East Hampton encountered Lauren Bluedorn of East Hampton and Lynn Leary of Sag Harbor walking a dog on Georgica Beach on May 25. He phoned the police. The responding officer informed the women that dogs were not allowed on the beach at that time. Saying they had been unaware of the law, both women agreed to refrain from the illegal activity in the future.
A manager at the Main Beach Pavilion on Ocean Avenue reported last Thursday that a woman of East Hampton who has a dog-walking service allows her charges to roam loose in the vicinity in the morning and does not clean up after them. The manager said that code enforcement is aware of the problem, but has not been able to resolve it. Police spoke with the woman; she told them she always picks up after the dogs.
A transformer exploded on a Long Island Power Authority pole in front of Hampton Bagels at 74 North Main Street last Thursday. An officer observed the explosion while on a routine patrol. The East Hampton Fire Department responded, and LIPA was contacted.
Also last Thursday, police received an anonymous call about an erratic driver on Montauk Highway near Daniel’s Hole Road. When tracked down, the driver told police he had just came from New York City and all was fine. No further action was taken.    
A caller identified in a police report only as Mr. Miller phoned to say that a carpet was obstructing traffic on Georgica Road on Friday. When police arrived, the carpet was gone.
On Friday, Jack Crispi, the head of security at Guild Hall on Main Street, called police to say that graffiti had been discovered on a back door there. “Mama Rose 1950 to 2011” it read.
An injured deer was found by Leila Straus of East Hampton on James Lane on Saturday. Wildlife rescue personnel were called.
Exploding fireworks were spotted by police on Lily Pond Lane on Saturday. Katherine Brodsky of New York City and East Hampton, along with her guests, were threatened with arrest if the sparks continued to fly. Police found two unused mortar tubes and destroyed them. A village police lieutenant was nipped on his knee by a dog while he was speaking to the homeowner, according to a report.
A 40-inch Sony flat-screen television valued at $600 was taken from Joanne Jensen’s pool house on Apaquogue Road on Sunday.
Cassandra Schellinger of East Hampton called police on Sunday to complain about five youths throwing oranges at one another on Park Place. By the time police arrived, the group had dispersed.

Arthur Schneider called police on May 24 to report that an automatic teller machine at the Memory Motel, which he manages, had been pried open and damaged. He did not know how much money, if any, had been taken, he told police.
David Marcley, owner of Dave’s Grill on West Lake Drive, noticed that five flowering plants had gone missing Saturday. He saw what was left of the flowers by a car in the parking lot, and asked its owner if he knew anything about it. The man did not, but said he and his friends were drunk and were waiting for a fishing boat. The man agreed to pay for the flowers, and Mr. Marcley accepted payment without pressing charges.
George Kusanovic of Montauk told police that unknown persons entered the Montauk Skate Park on Essex Street sometime late Saturday or early Sunday through a hole in the fence and made a small fire, leaving behind broken glass and debris. Mr. Kusanovic wants police presence increased in the park at night.

Barbara Feldman of East Hampton got into a confrontation with someone at the Springs dog park on Three Mile Harbor Road on May 3. When she left the park, Ms. Feldman saw a scratch about two feet long on the passenger side of her car.
On May 3, a green lawn chair, showerhead, and dehumidifier were taken from a house on 17th Street in Springs that Moses Burdon rents from Hailey London. Mr. Burdon heard a noise outside his bedroom window and saw a truck driving away that allegedly belonged to an earlier tenant.