On the Police Logs - 05.26.11

A Harold McMahon Plumbing worker who was called to fix an outdoor shower at Maire Jaanus’s house on Mako Lane told her that 12 inches of copper pipe, valued at $50, had gone missing from the shower sometime between April 24 and May 17.

East Hampton
From April 30 to May 4 someone posted items for sale on the Craigslist Web site and listed with them the phone number of Robert Norrby of North Cape Lane. Mr. Norrby, who said he has received more than 100 calls about the items, told police he does not own them. He has flagged the postings as spam but has been unable to get Craigslist to resolve the problem.
The postal service delivered a rug to Daniel Hsu of Malcolm Avenue on May 11, he told police, but when he returned home two days later, the rug, worth $100, was nowhere to be found.
An East Hampton High School student’s iPhone 3G in a black rubber case was taken from her bag while she was in class on May 18. She said the phone was worth $219.
Someone drove through a field at an East Hampton Town park off Stephen Hand’s Path, making tire-track “doughnuts,” Richard Webb of Pantigo Road reported last Thursday. The damage was estimated at $200.

East Hampton Village
A possibly injured seal was found near Egypt Beach last Thursday. Police were informed by the town’s animal control office and the Marine Patrol that personnel from the Riverhead Foundation for Marine Research and Preservation would respond.
Someone wrote “9-11 Truth Now” in black on a stop sign on Baiting Hollow Road on Friday. Seven similar graffiti markings, including “World911Truth.org,” were discovered in the vicinity that same day.
Andrew Tobin of Northwest told police of an injured baby squirrel on the sidewalk near Main Street and Hunting Lane on Friday. A wildlife rescue volunteer removed the squirrel.
Joseph Schreick of Springs and Orion Mims of Manhattan got into an argument over parking on Park Place on Saturday. Mr. Mims reportedly uttered a profanity at Mr. Schreick and threw a crumbled piece of paper in his face. He told police he did no such thing, but apologized to Mr. Schreick.

Seven perennial plants, valued at $175 in all, were stolen from the garden at the Second House Museum sometime between April 24 and May 15, Catherine Keogh, the gardener there, reported.
A glass door at Dave’s Grill was shattered in the early morning hours of May 15. Dave Marcley, the owner, was informed of the incident by a Scan Security employee. Mr. Marcley said the damage would cost $200 to repair.
Sag Harbor
Janice D’Angelo of Lincoln Street reported on Sunday that a goat was in her neighbor’s yard. This was deemed legal as long as the goat remained on private property, and police took no further action.
Lynn Thommen said that on Sunday around noon one of four or five young adults in a silver sedan tossed a live lobster onto Main Street near the Sag Harbor Variety Store. Ms. Thommen turned the creature over to a traffic control officer who left it with the harbormaster.

An outboard motor wrapped in a tarp was taken from beneath Simon F. Kitcke’s dock at Gerard Drive sometime between March 1 and Saturday. Luis Castro, a caretaker at Mr. Kitcke’s house, said he last saw the motor, valued at $37, in November.

A man entered the Hess gas station on Montauk Highway on May 14 and demanded that Julia Hristona sell him cups. He planned to drink alcohol from them, she said. She refused and told him to leave. He did so but came back angry, and he was subsequently removed by police and told not to return.