On the Police Logs - 05.19.11

John Ryan, the caretaker at the Amagansett Beach Association on Indian Wells Highway, noticed that exterior copper pipes on buildings there were removed sometime between April 1 and May 4. The 200 feet of half-inch pipe and one copper backflow valve were estimated to be worth $416.
Cathy Damm, the manager at the Bass outlet store in Amagansett Square, reported on May 9 that a front window there was broken sometime the night before.

East Hampton
A garage door window and an outdoor light were broken at Nancy Ellman’s house on Central Avenue between April 22 and May 6. Police said someone used a BB gun to cause the damage.
Randy Steyert’s Dodge was hit with a beer bottle while it was parked on Whooping Hollow Road on the night of May 10 or the following morning. The rear driver’s-side door and mirror were damaged.
East Hampton Village
Frances Morey of Amy’s Lane reported a sick raccoon in the vicinity of nearby Amy’s Court on May 9. It attempted to attack her and her dog, she said. Mange was suspected, and the raccoon was euthanized on the spot.
At the Y.M.C.A. East Hampton RECenter, a cellphone valued at $499 was taken from a locker in the men’s locker room on May 11.
Regina Lynch complained about parking on Cooper Lane last Thursday. There were construction vehicles blocking her driveway, she said, but when police arrived no such vehicles were found.
Someone from the Riverhead Foundation for Marine Research and Preservation saw a seal on the beach at Georgica Pond last Thursday. The responding officer determined that the seal was in good condition, and it returned to the sea as the officer departed.
Four wooden village benches have been stolen over the past two weeks, Michael Boucker told police on Friday. The benches were valued at $3,240.

Startled by a loud noise outside her house on Kirk Avenue on the night of May 5, Diane Koelpin saw a figure near her mailbox. She identified the person to the police, and although he denied any wrongdoing he offered to replace the damaged mailbox.
While Vincent Frasca was out on his boat on May 9, his boat trailer stayed behind at the West Lake Drive launch ramp. After Mr. Frasca brought his boat back up onto the trailer and drove to the West Lake Marina, he realized that its license plate was missing.
Emily and Mark Borek returned to their summer house on South Elroy Drive on Friday to find the back door open, clothes in the kitchen, and a blue cup in the bathroom sink. None of the items belonged to the Boreks, who had not been at the house since March 15. There was also a duck blind at the back of their property, which is on Fort Pond. The blind was not there previously, and three of the Boreks’ duck decoys were found inside it.
A man called Karin Gosman a profanity at Gosman’s restaurant on Saturday, she told police. There were no witnesses. Ms. Gosman said the man is a repeat offender. The man in turn said Ms. Gosman used a profanity against him. Police advised the two to avoid each other.

After locking up her bike at the Springs School on May 2, Lucinda Murphy returned about three hours later to find the red 10-speed gone. She valued the bike at $200.
Dawn Flagg noticed that two birdbaths and a Havahart trap went missing from her property on Copeces Lane sometime between May 9 and last Thursday. A landscape company was working at her house at that time, she said.
A harassing phone call was made to Barbara and Jeffrey Marcus’s house on Sycamore Drive on Friday. Ms. Marcus told police she felt threatened. She said such calls have been made repeatedly. The alleged caller was warned against doing so again.