Sand Castle Winners Crowned in Amagansett Contest

Matt Szcolli, left, and Justin Gambardella were among those responsible for "The Hamptons Hopper," which took first prize in the Sand Hoppers category.

The 24th annual East Hampton Clamshell Foundation's sand castle contest, held on Saturday at Atlantic Avenue Beach in Amagansett, named a batch of new winners whose creative visions earned them bragging rights. The money raised through registration fees and T-shirt sales helps support a number of charitable causes.  

Sand Fleas (children up to 8 years old):

1st Place - "Sea Turtle" by Qiana, Lucas, and Jackson Rode, Jonathan Urike, Callie Ammicucci, and Vienna and Desmond Margliano
2nd Place - "Hamptons Best Ice Cream" by Benjamin and Alex Shapiro
3rd Place - "Egyptian Sand Serpents" by Michele, Matt, Sophia, and Alex DeFilippis

Sand Hoppers (children 9 to 15):

1st Place - "The Hamptons Hopper" by Samantha, Josh, Justin Gambardella, Jack Rockhill, and Matt Szcolli
2nd Place - "The Ocean Kayak" by Lila and Sadie Forman and Mia and Lila Juneja
3rd Place - "The Homer Donut" by Mani Williams and Sophie Levy

Sand Tribes (families):

1st Place - "Sand Scrabble" by Lisa, Nicole, Michelle, Nick, and Jennifer Sciarrino
2nd Place - "Sandy the Sand Dinosaur" by Tessa and Jack Reilly
3rd Place - "Bunny Boarders" by Don, Jen, Emma, and Claire Roane

Sand Shapers (adults):

1st Place - "Pre-octupied" by Paul Green
2nd Place - "Swim Trunks" by Steven Judelson, Natalie, Nia, Chi Chi, Ron, and Judi
3rd Place - "Dragon in Dunes" by Henry and Julia Moreton and Claire Sydeman

Sand Pros (sand castle professionals): 

1st Place - "Dom P" by Chris Moore, Alex Berk, and Dylan Kosinski

Honorable Mention: "Beach and Donuts" by Jake, Julia, Will, Michael, and Margaret Magaldi

Katherine Perchick and Kevin Dickey served as judges.
Paul Green won first place in the Sand Shaper category for his design "Pre-octupied."
"Dragon in Dunes" by Henry and Julia Moreton and Claire Sydeman
Ross Perchick, the man behind the sand castle contest.
"Bunny Boaders" by Don, Jen, Emma, and Claire Roane, took third place in the Sand Tribes category.
"Terra Castle"
The beach was packed for the annual contest.