Library Budget Easily Passes in Sag Harbor

The 2015 budget for the John Jermain Memorial Library in Sag Harbor was passed overwhelmingly on Monday.

In a 198-to-32 vote, residents of the Sag Harbor School District said yes to the approximately $2.4 million budget, which includes a 5.8-percent increase from the current budget, or a $128,723 increase over all. Taxpayers can expect about a $12 rise in their tax bills.

Also, the two incumbents running for the library board were re-elected, and one newcomer will join them on  Jan. 1. Ann Lieber was re-elected with 154 votes, Jackie Brody, who now serves as board secretary, received 129 votes, and Anne Sutphen was elected with 144 votes. Susan Sabin took in 127 votes, Robert Hooke received 84, and Caleb Kercheval got 71. Tony Spitz, an incumbent, did not seek re-election.