Cold But Festive Montauk St. Patrick's Day Parade

Cuddling was one way to stay warm along the parade route for the Montauk Friends of Erin St. Patrick's Day Parade on a chilly Sunday. Morgan McGivern

After Palm Sunday services, attention in Montauk turned toward the Montauk Friends of Erin's 54th annual St. Patrick's Day parade on Sunday. The first day of spring didn't bring warmer weather. Instead, the crowd braved chilly temperatures ahead of the evening's forecasted snow to see the festive floats and marchers, including firemen, local officials, and, of course, bagpipers. 

Among the floats was one led by Gordon Ryan, an attorney, and the Promised Land Salvage Company that focused on Donald Trump's campaign for the Republican presidential nomination. Leading the parade was this year's grand marshal, Capt. Paul Forsberg of the Viking Fleet. As usual, kids on the sidelines had a field day with all the candy and beads that were thrown from the floats. 

By 1:30 p.m. the street was already being cleaned up and cars started heading out of town.

Doug Kuntz photos


Morgan McGivern photos


Gordon Ryan's float was all about Donald Trump.Doug Kuntz
The back of the Trump float Carissa Katz
Kerrie Federici wore a green hat accented with pink to the parade, while Jillian Rennar's pink hair complemented her green necklace and Neil Powell's green tie. Janis Hewitt
The Montauk firefighters were all smiles. Doug Kuntz
At left, Charlie Cavanan played Donald Trump on Gordon Ryan's float, and, at right, Capt. Paul Forsberg of the Viking Fleet was the parade's grand marshal.Janis Hewitt/Doug Kuntz
Three festive parade-goers. From left, Amanda Guzzello, Nancy Bugeia and Nancy Stephenson.Janis Hewitt
The crowd was cold as it awaited the start of the parade.Morgan McGivern
The Camp SoulGrow crowd was pumped up despite the cold. Carissa Katz
Citizens for Access Rights made a point about private beaches with its float.Doug Kuntz