Authors Night Brings out Local and International Celebrities

Gwyneth Paltrow sported shoulder pads and minimal makeup for her appearance and signing. Durell Godfrey, photos

  The East Hampton Library's Authors Night event last weekend was well attended by both authors and patrons. More than 100 authors began arriving to the tent at the Gardiner Farm around 4 p.m. and stayed to sign books until 7:30 when many went to private dinners held for them at private homes. Alec Baldwin and Barbara Goldsmith stood as the founding chairs of the event. Robert A. Caro, Nelson Demille, A.M. Homes, Robert K. Massie, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Joseph E. Stiglitz served as honorary chairs.

Dr. Ruth is still sharing her tips for a fulfilling sex life, now part of the popular "for dummies" series.
Marcus Samuelsson's memoir, published last year, is still a hit with readers.
Katie Beers, one of the more local celebrities, now has a book out on her life in East Hampton.
Joanie McDonnell, from Amagansett, came to Authors Night with her thriller "Bolero."
Clive Davis, seen with Barbara Goldsmith, has written a memoir of his life in the music industry.
Mary Emmerling had her "Art of the" series with her at the signing.
Jeffrey Lyons, who has a house in Orient, came to the signing with his memoir.
Gabby Giffords (center), the former Arizona congresswoman who was shot at an event in her district, was surrounded by admirers upon her arrival.
A.M. Homes, a honorary chairwoman of the event, sat with James Hume