On the Police Logs 03.15.18


A Stamford, Conn., man refereeing a soccer game at the Sportime Arena was punched in the face late Sunday afternoon by one of the players. Leonidas Pozo told police the player was angry over a call and began to argue. Mr. Pozo ejected the player from the game and was then punched in the mouth. Police were called, but Mr. Pozo, who did not require medical attention, declined to press charges. The player, whose name was not released because he was not arrested, was warned that a repeat performance would lead to permanent expulsion. 

East Hampton Village

A caller told police early Saturday morning that a Ford F-150 pickup with Texas plates was being driven erratically on Main Street. An officer clocked the truck moving at 45 miles per hour where the speed limit is 30, and pulled the pickup over. The driver, Marion Eliot Spearman Jr., was sober, the officer reported, and was issued a warning about speeding.

A David’s Lane resident dialed 911 on March 6 after hearing a suspicious message on her answering machine. The caller claimed to be from the Internal Revenue Service and said the federal agency would sue her if she did not return the call. The woman recognized the call as an attempt to defraud her, and wanted the incident documented.

A Manhattan woman called police on March 5 when a dog outside the Citarella market bit into her jacket, making a hole. When police arrived, the dog owner, a woman from Wainscott, was talking to the victim and animal control agents were on hand. The woman did not want to register a formal complaint against the owner and the dog, as it had not made contact with her flesh. The agents from animal control said they would look into the dog’s past to make sure there was no history of biting. 


Four youths were caught inside the fenced-in area of the abandoned radar tower at Camp Hero Sunday. East Hampton Town police turned the four over to State Parks Department police officers. Christopher Tripoli, supervisor of the complex, told police that he would not press charges as long as the four left the area immediately. They were warned not to trespass again. 

Sag Harbor

Joel Kelsey, who had been at Murf’s Tavern on Division Street on Monday, returned to the tavern after leaving because he had left something behind. When he went back inside, he said, the bartender accompanied him to the door and pushed him out. He told police that he wound up with a broken nose. He did not press charges, but wanted the incident documented. 

The Sag Harbor Fire Department responded to John Schroder’s house on Division Street Monday and cleared its chimney. A passer-by had knocked on the door to warn that smoke and flame were coming from the chimney.  


Martin Drew called police March 5, complaining that signs he was putting up in the area of Old Stone Highway and School Street encouraging people to vote no on the proposed expansion of the Springs School were being stolen. Police told him that if he spotted someone taking down one of them, he should contact them immediately.