Commended for Saving a Life

First responders who saved a man’s life received commendations from the village board. Jamie Bufalino

The East Hampton Village Board, at its meeting on Friday, commended 12 police officers and first responders who helped save the life of an elderly man who had a heart attack in the Reutershan parking lot on Jan. 1. “This was a team effort,” Richard Lawler, the trustee who made the presentations, said. Those commended were the Police Department officers James Patterson, Theodore Pharaoh, Jack Bartelme, Wayne Gauger, Brendan Wirth, and Christian Denton, as well as Sgt. Steven Sheades. Others commended were Randy Hoffman, an emergency critical care technician, Corin Oley a paramedic, and Lisa Charde, Sheila Dunlop, and Kerry Griffiths, ambulance volunteers. 

Village Police Chief Michael Tracey credited the successful response in part to the medical training his force receives. “You don’t get that everywhere in this country and you don’t get that everywhere in the State of New York, but the men and women of our Police Department are very well trained,” he said.