Women’s March in Sag Harbor on Saturday

Carissa Katz

A year after the Women’s March on Washington and hundreds of similar events across the country and around the world, people will again gather en masse this weekend to support women’s rights, protest President Trump’s agenda, and urge greater political participation by those frustrated by it. 

The largest marches are expected to take place on Saturday in New York City and Washington, D.C., and on Sunday in Las Vegas. Those wishing to join a march while staying closer to home can take part in a Women’s March in Sag Harbor on Saturday at 11 a.m.

The Sag Harbor march will set out from the windmill on Long Wharf. Marchers will head up Main Street on the sidewalk and then return to Long Wharf for a short program of speakers. “We’re trying to keep this positive,” said Hope Marxe, the organizer of Saturday’s march. “It’s about connecting and empowering people to have their voices heard.” 

As for the message of the march, she said, “It’s so personal for people. There are so many messages,” but a driving force behind it, she said, is “a general unhappiness with what’s going on in our country right now and a desire for change. One thing that’s important to me is the 2018 election, getting the word out and getting people to vote. It’s a big deal this year.” 

Ms. Marxe also was the organizer of a 2017 Sag Harbor women’s march, which she pulled together at the last minute because she wanted some of those unable to attend the larger events to have a place to express their solidarity with the movement. She expected 50 people; close to 300 came. “People really were looking for an outlet and were feeling very frustrated,” she said.

Among the marchers were many children, and she was there with her own daughters, Izzy, soon to turn 15, and Eme, soon to be 8. “That was the best part of last year’s march, how proud they felt, and engaged,” Ms. Marxe said.

This year, Suffolk County Legislator Bridget Fleming is to attend and speak at the Sag Harbor march, Ms. Marxe said.