Slim Pickings for Fireworks Show

The Three Bs entertained Fourth of July revelers aboard the Montauk Chamber of Commerce’s second annual fireworks cruise. Jane Bimson

Although the Montauk Chamber of Commerce has put on its Stars Over Montauk, Grucci Fireworks show for almost two decades, in recent years it has fallen short in its fund-raising goals.  

A day after the event, the amount raised did not seem promising, according to Laraine Creegan, the chamber’s executive director. Although donations had not been tallied up yet, she expects to know the total in the next day or two.

This year expenses for the show totaled over $25,000, but as of last Thursday, the Chamber of Commerce had raised just under $11,000. This was announced in an email sent to chamber members. “Every year our fund-raising gets more and more difficult,” the email said.

“We had some donations since, but we have to figure out expenses,” Ms. Creegan said by phone. “We may still be a little short.”

In the hope that members would donate, the email also explained that as a small gesture of thanks, donors who contributed $200 or more will be listed in a thank-you advertisement.

If the deficit of around $14,000 is not met, it will come out of the Chamber of Commerce’s budget, leaving less for other events, Ms. Creegan said.

Fireworks over MontaukJane Bimson