Updated: Pre-Dawn Raid at Montauk's Malibu Motel Nets Three Arrests

Three people were taken away in handcuffs following the raid, in which some police officers carried semi-automatic rifles and wore body armor. T.E. McMorrow photos

Aug. 10, 12:40 p.m.:  A heavily armed SWAT team raided a room at the Malibu motel in Montauk in the pre-dawn hours Tuesday, arresting three men on misdemeanor charges of illegal possession of drugs, oxycodone and anabolic steroids.

The three, Eliud S. Pizarro, 42, Julio N. Hinojosa, 27, and Hector J. Ventura, 28, were additionally charged with possession of small amounts of marijuana.

Some 25 officers and detectives, many carrying semi-automatic rifles and wearing body armor, took part in the raid. One was seen carrying a sledgehammer. A black armored car supplied by Sag Harbor Village, a truck from East Hampton Village, and at least two Suffolk County police K-9 units were on hand as well, along with local police.

The raid began at about 4 a.m. and lasted several hours as police sifted through the three roommates' belongings. They were arraigned Tuesday afternoon. Bail was set for Mr. Pizarro at $500, and for the other defendants at $300 each. All three work at the Montauk Yacht Club, which has reportedly been housing its seasonal employees at the Malibu.

The arraignments produced some singular moments. Mr. Pizzaro, the first to be arraigned, was the only one who was fully dressed; the two younger men were in bathing suits. They sat in a holding cell behind a closed door during Mr. Pizzaro's arraignment and could be heard in the courtroom laughing and shouting. Finally, Justice Rana had had enough. "What's going on in there?" she asked. A court officer moved to quiet them down, but Justice Rana held up her hand. "Let me. Please." She opened the door and said, "You think it's funny? I'm trying to conduct an arraignment. It's not a party in here. Quiet. Go sit down. Now."

Order restored, the arraignment proceeded. When it came their turn the two younger men both said that the yacht club charges them for food and rent, and that after that money is deducted, they take home about $300 a week.

An investigation is continuing.

Aug. 9, 9:34 a.m.: In a pre-dawn raid at the Malibu Motel on South Elmwood Avenue in Montauk on Tuesday, heavily armed East Hampton Town police made three arrests on drug possession charges. Some 30 officers were involved, with many carrying semi-automatic rifles and wearing body armor. One carried a sledgehammer.

Also utilized were a black armored car and at least two Suffolk County police K-9 units. Personnel from the East Hampton Village and Town and Suffolk County Police Departments were on hand, as were detectives, some who do undercover work.

The raid began at about 4 a.m., and lasted several hours, as police processed the area. The identities of those arrested have not yet been released. An official statement is expected later Tuesday morning.

One of the people taken away after the raid.