Cops: Marijuana 'Grow Rooms' Found in Springs Basement

East Hampton Town police harvested 48 marijuana plants, along with drying and dried, processed plants in a raid at 74 Talmage Farm Lane in Springs on Friday

Police say Christopher Losinske, 42, was growing marijuana in the basement of the house in specially set up grow rooms, utilizing artificial light, climate control, and what they called a "sophisticated ventilation system" to mask the odor of the growing plants.

They said they also found M.D.M.A, known as Ecstasy, during the raid.

The raid was conducted in conjunction with the Suffolk County District Attorney's East End Drug Task Force, which utilized the services of a K-9 unit deployed by the Suffolk County Sheriff's department. A short-term investigation led police to the house, which they entered with a search warrant.

Police said they also seized manuals for cultivating and processing marijuana, heat lamps, humidifiers, scales, growing mediums, fertilizers, packaging materials, and a computer.

Mr. Losinske was charged with marijuana possession as a misdemeanor and a second drug possession charge for the Ecstasy. Mr. Losinske was also charged with violating a public health law, the unlicensed growing of marijuana.

He was arraigned Friday.